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Tactical help (scoring issues)


Feb 2, 2010
I'm trying to develop a deep 4-2-3-1, I'm pretty happy with it so far but I'm not scoring consistently. I either score in bunches or don't score at all. I usually dominate possession against weaker/equal teams and at home around 70% with the retain possesion shout but even without it, against the level opposition I come up against it still generates something like a 55%-60% possession rate and I'm quite happy with it defensively but I'm wonder if I can do anything more to help generate better opportunities? And I don't want to take advantage of the match engine using the corner trick so I have it to mixed. If I have my other Striker (Bruce Djite) in there, I sometimes change the role to target man as he's got good jumping/heading/strength and I've taught him to play with his back to goal and change the team instruction to target man (supply to head), if my assitant manager tells me that we're getting on the end of crosses regularly.

I do switch to a couter setup against teams better than me like Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord though and that helps greatly in getting a positive result.

It was good enough for 4th in the Eredivisie last season, and my squad is pretty good but not as good as the bigger teams yet (Ajax, Feyenoord) but overall it's pretty good in comparison to the rest. Does anyone mind having a look?

I could probably do with better finishers on the wings but they're not too shabby stats wise in comparison to the rest of the league. And I'm really trying not to resort to pitch size trickery and have my home ground as standard size.

I'm pretty sure that this is solid defensively as I'm also Aus U20's manager and have gone through 2 tournaments without conceding other than penalties and this is coming up against some wonderkids while having pretty poor players. (with OI's)

Any assistance is appreciated (squad list and tactic attached). Cheers
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