Tactical Masterclass | FM23 Tactic Showcases


Nov 12, 2020
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You can't say Arsenal are having a bad season this year but in this fictional universe, we take control of Arsenal and PLAY THE WORST TACTIC EVER CREATED. How bad can we be? Well, the current Premier League leaders end up having an awful season. Sorry Arsenal fans...

Recently relegated Arsenal start life in the Championship for the first time since before the war. Now with huge debts and another one of my worst tactics ever are Arsenal doomed once again? And what's this about my singing being bad?!

Arsenal, Arsenal are falling apart again... with another really bad tactic! How bad is this one? And what hope do Arsenal have of rebuilding when they are heavily in debt again? Yeah, I'm sorry Arsenal fans...

We are testing FM DNA's Godzilla 4132 with a Port Vale side that is destined for relegation to League Two. Can we survive relegation using the tactic? And have I finally become a decent manager? If so Arsenal fans will be furious.