park the plane v2, would wok well with milan, also everyone seems to be raving about this il devastato tactic...
Nice to see others struggling with Milan :)

To tell you the truth I tried Ghost, Onyx, JP... none of them actually worked for me..

So I created my own 4-3-3 but I put Robinho as a Inside Forward (Left midfield) and Pato as a Poacher but on the right side, because having 3 "strikers" is not good. In this way Robinho and Pato play more wide and Ibra does his thing.

With that tactic and a couple of new full backs (cheap ones for now) I have lead Series A for pretty much the whole season (now Napoli is threatening but I thing I can manage) and I'm on Champions semi final (just won Chelsea 2-1) and Italian Cup semifinal as well..

If you need details I can detail it a little more. But I'm also looking for better tactics, since mine is not 100% convincing and also I haven't been able to use Ronaldinho... he just never plays well, no matter where I put him!
thanks guys i decided to play magic box 4222 i have won 2 serie a on the spin a coppa italia and champs league just starting my 3rd season