Jan 4, 2011
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Hi all,

I am brand new to this game and I am struggling with Altrincham in BSP. Anyone recommend a formation and training to win a few games, also how do i get my reserve team games???

Any advice is much appreciated

Im in the same boat as you mate got a guiseley save in BSN but i cant seem to pick up any points.

What i do advise though is looking for players with high physical stats like a really quick forward because they seem to have an advantage over other players from what i have observed.
Keep it simple, play 4-4-2 and keep player roles simple. I'd play more of a long ball game, so get a good strong Target Man and a quick Poacher and get the target man to flick/lay the ball on for the poacher.
ive got a save with Corby in the BSBN. i find the best thing to do is play 442 but with the wingers pushed up and set to attack, and one cm as ball winning and defensive and the other as a playmaker and supporting, then two fast forwards like Omar Koroma and Ahmed Said, they both tend to score bags of goals. Seems to work a treat, gone 14 games unbeaten at the moment.