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Tactics - I think I get it


Nov 28, 2011
After starting a new save I think I finally started getting it...

Every match should be approached individually and very carefully, while still having the whole picture in mind.
That is all.

1. I started managing my coaches and selection.
2. Prepared the tactics carefully:
- basic plan how I will play - fluid attacking home possetion strategy, rigit control strategy and very rigit countering in a quick tempo
- the fluid strat requires less specialists - playmaykers and people dropping here and there, the rigit wants the playmakers, the counter wants to runners - I managed all that
- wrote down the rotations so my short squad does not tire and prepared the new position training
3. Every game I was careful - I was looking from the scout report from where and how their goals were comming little details you know....
- crosses - replace the heading skill lacking def of my duo with a high defender; personal marking of the full with a winger
- passes from mid - close down their mids, drag my lone ST to cover their DM
- mistakes from opposition teams - clear the ball to flanks and etc...
4. I was looking at their formation and what kind of players they got:
- good full backs - close them down and personal marking with my wings
- high defenders - drill croses
- creative mids - tight marking, closing down
- driblers - tackle them
- playing with a DM - mark him with your ST
- playing with an AM - mark him with your DM
- High Attackers - tight mark him
- pacher - tight mark him
- Deep Forward - close him down

You know simple logical stuff.

5. Most happy I was with my smart realization when I saw that my mids are getting dragged here and there to tell them to close down less often so my team can keep some structure.

6. Take a breather I think this is gold especially when you play a possession strategy - take a breather after a goal to make them press you and then change to a countering strategy; or just randomly take a breather when there are no goal opportunities - get them tired and attack again.

7. The basic I learned today - observe and change, analyze your structure, analyze how you can defend and how you can attack and apply it. Dont just stay there and complain - this tactic sux (as I did) and try to change it. You should be active on your bench!

8. What I should improve - team talks! My doods are getting too easily complacent or drop form too often.
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