Feb 6, 2013
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I've been playing the Football Manager series for some time now (about 6/7 years), and I have loved the game more and more with every version that has come out. However, on this game, I'm struggling. Please read the following thread and give any tips.................................................... My file that I am most proud of in my FM history is my current Wolves save. I'm currently in 2012, managed over 300 games and successfully kept Wolves in the Premier League for 7 consecutive seasons but it hasn't been without an aggressive fight throughout, and little development in my play despite the transfer kitty always being fairly healthy... I have a strong squad of players, mostly regens now, but every team I play just completely "over-raws" me lately. If I go 1-0 up, the opposing team just throw 4 upfront, and the next reel of highlights is them peppering my goal, regardless of the tactics I employ. I eventually go on to lose 3/4-1, most games and it doesn't matter if I'm home or away, there seems to be no advantage to be had. I think I noticed this developing in the 015/016 season, and since, I've had to chop and change my tactics at the end of every season just to keep my head above water. I'll go on a crazy run of winning 9/10 games, treading on teams like Arsenal, Liverpool as I go (strangely enough a win against Man Utd never comes, only once in my tenure), but then I'll go on a run of being pelted by teams like Norwich at home, and Brighton at home. The devastatingly annoying thing about this is that its never a 2-1 or a 1-0 loss, its 4/5/6-1's, sometimes worse. I've read around on this website and most tactics people present only seem to work with teams of superior technical excellence, and the reputation to boot.. Does my thread resonate with anyone? Does anyone have any ideas?
Every team plays different tactics. Low reputation teams usually base their tactics on counter or defense, to beat the big teams, while big clubs play a free flowing attacking game. You have probably set up your tactics to beat the big teams, but the small teams are countering you, and it seems to have a devastating effect in your case. You should prepare at least two tactics, one that you are currently using, against the top teams, and one for the little teams.