Dec 28, 2010
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I have just started my 5th season with Rangers. Won back to back promotions and finished 2nd in the SPL in my first season. I was taken over at the start of my season in division one but there really hasn't bee much of a cash injection at all. Im lucky if im getting 2 million to spend per season and my wage budget is far too low to attract players that would meet the standards set by the board. Is it possible that the club may be taken over once during a game? I'm getting tired of stupid aspirations with no budget.
im exactly the same mate, i won the spl in my first season bk and now i got into the group stage of the champions league, 2.8 mill transfer allowance...thanks guys. only spent around 5 million in 5 seasons ye ive had back around 15mill in sold players also
Its a pain in the ****. Especially since I'm expected to win the SPL, which is fine, but Celtic are splashing out 11.25 mil on Jordan Rhodes. How do I really compete with that?
aye, on mind theve just signed nathaniel clyne for 16 mill, there constantly spending 25-30 million a season. i think the highest my wages will go is 25k.

whats your starting eleven mate?
GK - Scott Loach DL - Wallace DC- gasporatto DC - Faure DR - Masiello DMC - Fiorruci MC - Mcleod MC- Battochino LW - Morgan Puca RW - Kerry Boyle ST - Patrik Ljundberg
Yeah, there's so many regens in the new football managers. It kind of ruins it, how quick they come in to the game I think.
mine is

gk- Zacherie Boucher(free)
LB- Lee Wallace
CB- Steffan Manning(1st season regen) captain of eng under 21's 45k from crewe)
CB- Younis Kaboul(on loan from man u)
RB-Matthew Lowton(300k)
BWM- Ewan Mcginly(2nd season regen from the club)
CAM- Siem De Jong(free)
CM - goncalo matais(regen from 2013 from porto(free, 300k compo)
LW- Edourdo Torres(2nd season regen from boca, 8k))
RW- Will Hughes(free transfer from derby)
ST- Glenn Morgan(regen whose already a beast, only 17 and is northern irish 150k from cliftonville)