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Sep 16, 2005
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well ive just had my first one, I better get my money! and not the sack!
82m :O **** me hope you dont get it all :p
fair play, thats a **** load of money!
oooooo cool,looks good! i hope they dont happen in every game though
all i got was 15m, but it really must have boosted my rep as Buffon was begging to join me.

Anyway I signed

18:54:50) (Gregor) Renya
(18:54:51) (Gregor) Cafu
(18:54:52) (Kris) much has the club got
(18:54:53) (Gregor) Davids
(18:54:57) (Gregor) Owen
(18:55:00) (Gregor) Maduro
(18:55:07) (Gregor) Manuel Pasquel
(18:55:16) (Gregor) Yohan Gourcuff
(18:55:25) (Gregor) Adilson (sum braz youngstar)
he sold arsenal to dave dein on my game

fulham also got 80 mil transfer funds, and came 16th
Greg, is that micheal owen you got in?
What is the best (least likely to sell) a chairmans status can be mine at the moment is: 'Loves the club and wouldn't dream of leaving.'
i could do with gettting taken over i have only got 110k for my 2nd season:thud: