Jun 1, 2006
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Hi im currently managing West Ham and my chairman is discussing a takeover with a consortium. They have hinted that they might make another manager the manager of West Ham, so i was wondering if anyone knew if these hints meant that things were actually going to happen in this way.

Also it is the post season so i want to buy players but i cant because of the embaro so my second question is, is there any time limit for how long takeovers take to happen/collapse, because this one has gone on for a while now.

Cheers Tet
It will go on for a while, you won't be able to buy until you are tookover, or it collapses, not sure how long they last but the time it happened to me it was a fair few weeks and i think the transfer window shut.

You might not get replaced, depends how well you are doing!
a take over can take any ammount of time its hard to tell
I will probably get replaced had a disasterous first season which ended with a 3-3 draw with spurs which sent me down :yuck: yes i did go down with the hammers :D all i can say is that tevez zamora harewood and reo coker were all out for a long time lol. Plus it was quite difficlut to find a good tactic :p now after my excuses.