Jan 3, 2011
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in football manager 10 i played as leeds for 9 seasons winning everything and i turned down various job offers i was just wondering do other ppl stay with same club the whole time and be loyal or do u move about for the challenge
In FM 10 i stayed with Queens Park and also won everything but after I won the Champions League for the third time i wanted a new challenge as the board kept giving me massive transfer budgets so I went to Barcelona who just avoided relegation :O season 24/25 lol
I go with the middle solution and play with two managers.

With one I manage Milan and never ever leave and with the other I start unemployed and care only about my wages all along. Although I still get saddened about leaving a club, so whenever I'm offered a job, I'm fair and ask the board for a new contract. I've been in Atalanta for too long though, and I guess I'll let my contract expire. :D
in fm10 i won every trophy with leeds in one season and it was getting easier as the board were giving me 100's of millions for players ... but then fm11 came out so all was good lol
I had one save where I went from Juve, to Fiorentina, to Man U, to Inter, and then to Madrid!
i usually play as AC Milan directly, but i got bored so i made myself a challenge. I started as an obscure manager managing my local team in Albania with a dream to get to manage AC Milan one day. After 4 seasons(3 titles, 1 cup, 2 supercups, and a legendary CL qualification) i thought it was time to move on so i let me contract end. I went 6 months without a job(being rejected where i applied) i got offered the chance to maange Bristol Rovers in the nPower Championship 1 who had a media predictions of finishing 2nd but were 14th when i picked them up. Now i am on my last match and 3rd on the table hoping to get the qualifications without having to go through the play offs. I find the game more fun this way even though it is sometimes frustrating when u leave a team and or players u liked at ur old team. What really ****** me off though is that now that i left the team i managed sold 3/4 of all the good, young players i managed to sign T.T
it's great because much like in real life, you'll never know where you'll end up!
Hurt me to no end to not take a job offer to manage Benfica, but I set about getting Académica to the top of the game so I couldn't leave... Even if they keep ******** up the squad, signing ****, selling the best players for minimal fees and just plain sucking -.- I really hate the AI's management...
In Fm 2010 i started with River, i win the Copa Libertadores, the South American Cup, the Argentinian league and the Fifa Club World Cup and then after that i accept an offer for Fullham, later Arsenal sign me and win the EPL, the FA Cup, the CS, and the League Cup, and then i get bored and start a new save :D