Mar 16, 2013
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Ok so here is the situation, I only buy a new FM game every 3 years or so and so I'm still playing FM12:p

I started my game as Droylsden manager and won the BSN in my second season then as I was pushing for promotion in the BSP the next season I got offered a job at Macclesfield who were then bottom of NPL2. I took over (They offered me double the wages and they were a pro club rather than semi pro so I saw it as a step up) and managed to avoid relegation that year. Next season with some free transfers from eastern europe I got into the playoffs and lost 1-0 to Crewe in the final. Next season I went up in second place 1 point behind Bradford, I had a season of mid table obscurity in NPL1 before finishing second the next season again behind Bradford. I managed to just abpout avoid relegation in the Championship then about 8 weeks into the season QPR offered me a job and I took it thinking I had taken Macclesfield as far as I could.

Alright so thats the history of my manager guy.

Problem is I didnt pay close enough attention to QPR's horrible overpaid squad and insecure finances before leaping head first into that dark hole of crapness.

Basically I tried to make do with the squad until the transfer window opened playing a standard/defensive 4-2-3-1 but only won 1 game and went on an 8 match sreak without a win. I wasnt overly concerned because I figured, hey i can bring in some players and offload some of the trash.

Well that didnt go well, no good loan players would come from the higher divisions besides one defender from Juventus who is decent but on the small side, hes only 184cm. I was even being beaten to the punch by the likes of Motherwell and Tenerife to get some of the quality loan players, even from my parent club Juventus. My scouts only brought attention to very average players who were not worth signing besides as squad players or players that didnt qualify for a freaking work permit.

I managed to get 2 young DMC from Ajax who have 15 stats for passing and between 12-14 tackling and one of em has a 15 heading stat which is pretty good but overall I'm working with the crappy, overpaid squad of players QPR has left me with. I managed to win 2 games on the bounce after the transfer window shut but then a draw against Millwall (A match i dominated, 24 shots and 15 on target compared to their 6 and 2, finished 1-1oO)) and an embarrsing 2-1 loss to Blackpool and 3-1 loss to Bolton has just really disheartened me. I have never tried to get advice from a forum before but I have no idea what to do. If I go defensive I concede goals and cant score, If I go offensive I cant score and concede goals. Against Bolton a guy with a dribbling stat of 10 took it round 3 of my players to slot it into the corner! Against Blackpool a guy with a Long Shot of 11 scored 2 goals from 25 yards! Its enough to make me want to resign and go on holiday.

So I've been using 4-2-3-1

AF - a
IRF - a
AP - s
ILF - a
DLP - s
CM - s
RFB - s
CD - stop
CD - cover
LFB - s
GK - d

short passing, press more, narrow, man marking, stick to position (everything else default)

Balanced and then alternate between defensive, standard and control depending on opposition and if home or away.

Any advice anyone can give or if anybody has encountered similar problems then let me know a solution because as things stand I'm pretty sure we have enough to avoid relegation but the previous manager was sacked for less than what I'm offering. I dont want a sacking blemish on my record after being succesful with both Droylsden and Macclesfield.