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Dec 22, 2012
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Glasgow Rangers Football Club
Established: 1872
Nicknames: The Gers
Stadium: Ibrox Stadium
Capacity: 51,082
Chairman: Walter Smith
League: Scottish Third Division
Manager: Charlie House
League Expectation: 1st

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On The 14th February 2012 Rangers Football Club Went Into Administration!

Glasgow Rangers Football Club went into administration due to unpaid tax bills. Many believed it would be the end of the club's very successful 139 year history. This was a sad time for Scottish Football and the footballing world which could lose one of its great clubs. Rangers Fans began to protest outside the ground for some action to take place to save their beloved club. Many fans all wanted to know the answer to this question "Is this the end of Glasgow Rangers Football Club?

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The Man Who Saved The Scottish Football Giants!

Charles Green took over Glasgow Rangers Football Club which caused a big up roar from the fans as they wanted club legend Walter Smith to take control of their beloved club. But Charles Green Managed to convince the staff at the club including manager Ally McCoist who was going to quit when he first heard the news of Green's purchase of the club. The future of the Football Club begins....

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The End Of Charles Green's Era!

The fans love for Charles Green was short lived after the fans grew a dislike for the man after he kept getting into trouble due to not being able to keep to his mouth closed. On April 19th 2013 Charles Green left the club and he was given a £2,500 fine for racist comments towards Imran Ahmad. The Fans were left wondering what was next for their football club what was in the quest of getting back to top and staying their this time.

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Club Legend Ally McCoist Leaves Rangers Football Club!

Ally McCoist leaves the club due to the unstableness of the club and with Charles Green not long after purchasing the club. Ally McCoist said to Sky Sports News "I was fed up the uncertainty of who was running the club and it wasn't benefiting me or the players" He also went on to say "This club will always have a big place in my heart and I wish the club and the fans as well as the players the best of luck with their quest to get back to the top"

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Glasgow Rangers Confirm The Appointment Of Charlie House!

Glasgow Rangers Football Club confirm the appointment of Charlie House as their manager. Many fans are delighted with the appointment of the England Legend. Statement from Glasgow Rangers Football Club "We are glad to confirm the appointment of Charlie House as our manager we hope he can use his footballing knowledge to take us back to top". Statement from Charlie House's Website "I'm proud to be appointed as Rangers manager and I hope I can take this club to the level it wants to be on.

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The Story Begins....

Charlie House and Glasgow Rangers Football Club will play their first match in the Scottish Third Division and as favourites to win they will want to start their league campaign with three points. The Fairytale Story beginning the footballing world will be watching the progress of the club.

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First Match In The Irn Bru Scottish Third Division: Peterhead

Glasgow Rangers Football Clubs First match of their league campaign will be against Peterhead who are predicted a mid table finish. Rangers will be favourites for this game and it would be very surprising if they lost the match.

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The Journey Begins....

Next Update: August 2012 Review​
Dec 22, 2012
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Challenge Cup First Round: Rangers FC Vs AYR United FC

Rangers FC 7-1 AYR United FC
Goalscorer's: Sandaza x3 , McCulloch x3 And Cribari

Man Of The Match: Franciso Sandaza
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A hat-trick and a great overall performance from Francisco Sandaza who helped us thumped AYR United FC and progress into the next round of the cup.

Match Report

We took the lead two minutes in thanks to Sandaza which set us up nicely for the game ahead. McCulloch doubled our lead on the 20th minute mark of the match and from here on we went on to dominate the game. Two Goals in two minutes completed Sandaza first half hat-trick but we weren't finished before half time as McCulloch got his second goal of the game and we went into half time 5-0 up over our opponents. On the 51st minute McCulloch completed his hat-trick and we just sat back and controlled the rest of the game with Cribari scoring in the 65th minute but we failed to keep a clean sheet as Liam Buchanan scored for them in the 79th minute. Overall a very dominate and pleasing victory for me as manager and for the fans.