Taking The Tricky Tree's To The Top! -A Nottingham Forest Story


Dec 30, 2009
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We didn't expect that!

As the press gathered in the press room eager to see the unveiling of the new manager to continue on from Billy Davies, we all didn't expect what came next. Former Forest player Matt Cole took the limelight to see if he had what it takes to be then new Forest manager. Cole took charge of Forest after the former manager Billy Davies was in a major car accident and forgot who he was and what he did! Davies will need to be in and out of hospital for almost a year and he and he can’t remember his own name! So he and his family decided it would best if he stepped down!
Many Forest fans will not have heard of the name Matt Cole before as his career didn't last very long. Coming up from the youths Cole looked a hot prospect and was being targeted by many big clubs such as both halves of Manchester, Liverpool and Real Madrid. However when playing for the reserves after a smaller injury former Forest player Kris Commons also coming back from injury tackled him as what only can only be described as an "unforgettable challenge" after a torrid night trying to mark the Cole. Cole was rushed to hospital to only see his football career go down the drainpipe.
Cole stated he had "a new goal in life. To make the tricky trees champions once more!" However it will be an uphill battle facing the likes of Hull, Burnley, Cardiff and QPR to try and gain promotion to the big league! Forest fans were startled today to find out was Cole taking the hot seat with one fan saying "Get him out; he doesn't have the credentials to be a top team manager just yet." However this was one of the first questions asked by the press saying "Do you think you'll do a good job you have never been at any club before and now you sit here as manager!" Cole replied "You may not know who I am, I have played at top level well only for a very short amount of time, but I still know how the lads feel when going out there. Furthermore I have been trained by some top managers after my injury for example I got a phone call off Kenny Dalglish to explain to me how to get into management and what is key for success. However the big question looming over will Cole do a good job at Forest?
I closed my laptop down and thought to myself "only time will tell!" This brought me back to thinking about the interview where I saw famous faces such as Sam Allardyce, Chris Houghton and not other the Sven Goran Erikson! The interview was long and tough but it looked like the board showed a real liking to me. Well they must have getting the job in front of those talented Managers! Once I’d finished I was sitting next Chris Houghton who gave me some top tips. He said “If you don’t get this job try and try again you’ll get a break I’m sure of it.” Me and him got on like a house on fire and we still keep in contact. It has been one extraordinary week for me and my life is going to change forever but I still can’t believe this real what a way to get into Management starting at Nottingham Forest!

Bellow: Sven looking bewildered about Cole getting the job!


Hope you enjoy the story guys I have already gone a season and a bit into it and it's gone very well! Please comment on my story as it will help carry on also give constructive criticsm to help me out on writting this story!
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good start will follow this mate, i did one on FM '10 :p
One week after my introduction into managerial life I had my first board meeting. Meeting the board I felt out of place, like I didn't belong there it was all so surreal. Seeing Nigel Doughty there smoking a cigar I was nervous. However I had to think straight I had to put my objectives out there. "Welcome Matthew, I'm so glad you could join our football club said Nigel Doughty. As he said this he lifted up his black leather briefcase handing me an A4 piece of paper showing me the targets of Nottingham Forest football club. I looked up and down it twice just to make sure. I was shocked to find out I needed to get promotion but with no transfer funds?!? "I'm sorry Nigel how am I supposed to get promotion with no transfer funds I came to this club because of the ambition, the drive to achieve promotion anyway possible I was expecting some sort of money to help me out." "Well you may not know but me and the board are very tight with our money, at the moment we want to make sure you are the right man for the job. See this as a challenge" said Managing director Mark Arthur. "Very well I said I'll do the best I can." With the board meeting nearing its end I shook hands with all the board and left for home. I thought to myself that night weighing up the options of how to deal with no money. I was still angry but had to keep a professional attitude towards the board. As Mark Arthur said this was going to be one **** of a challenge and I would be up for it every step of the way.

Pre-season friendly
Stepping up to congratulate every single player for their contribution to winning all pre-season friendlies at our final team talk before the new season. We found it pretty straight forward 7 out of 7 scoring 32 goals in the process and only conceding 2.

A quieter transfer window then I expected before beginning my management at Forest I thought to myself as the flashing started to hurt my eyes. I was unveiling two 19 year olds, Zezinho on loan from Santos and Chris Wood on loan from West Brom. Even though it had been a quiet transfer period I was impressed with the talent I had put into the squad. I was always looking for a better left winger then Paul Anderson as he failed to impress through pre-season. Subsequently I also really wanted to bring in a tall striker to fit into my Target man. As me and Alan Hill my head scout scouted Wood we could really saw he was the perfect candidate with brilliant strength and heading he was perfect to head through balls into either Dexter (Blackstock) and Robbie (Earnshaw.) A near perfect August for me.

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Quality Forest provide 5 Goals!

Nottingham Forest 5 Watford 1
Nottingham Forest showed off what a quality team they had giving Watford a 5-1 slumping! Forest displayed sheer brilliance and dominance showing how much they are a contender for automatic promotion. It all started with beautifully timed ball from Dexter Blackstock that threaded Paul Anderson straight threw out slotting coolly to the right hand side of the goalkeeper. The next a sheer master class of how to take free-kicks by Ryan Bertrand hitting the ball into the top corner from 25 yard away. Blackstock then netted home a penalty just before the halftime whistle. Forest then showed how good they were on the counter by heading out a corner kick straight to Dexter Blackstock who then ran from one half of the field to the other before blasting it in. However Forest became unstuck due to poor defending letting Danny Graham to score from just outside the area. Then near the end of the match Luke Chamber headed in a free kick just to add to Watford’s concern. Forest fans are set to be delighted with this afternoon and if continues they will be a certainty for automatic promotion.


Reading news reports like this makes you feel proud to be a manager. I had one of the best months a manager could wish for! 7 matches played 6 wins and a loss. Brilliant! Here were the reports for each match!

Npower Championship
Nottingham Forest 3 Barnsley 2
Zezinho 75, Mcleary 87, Wood 90+4 Hammill 4, Neumann 18
A game I will never forget in two ways. Well for one it was first competitive match in charge. This was a real learning curve before my injury I didn't realise how much stress goes into management standing there at the touchline I felt happy once again. It was the happiest I felt since before my injury. I was there controlling a massive team like Forest but boy was it tiring! The second reason was the comeback. The first half I saw the match slipping through my hands going 2-0 down at half time was one the most annoying parts of the month. I gave them a real shout to try and fire them up and it worked! The 75th minute 87th minute came and we were all evens the cherry on top was the 94th minute winner from Chris Wood I just knew he had talent that's why I got him on loan!

League Cup 1st Rnd
Nottingham Forest 3 Bury 0
Zezinho 8, Earnshaw 14, Blackstock 78
A comfortable win for my boys. There's not a lot to talk about they never looked like scoring and we could of half a few more!

Npower Championship
Nottingham Forest 0 Sheffield United 1
Britton 71
Watching this game on a chilly night was very depressing. We created only 2 shots on target and didn't look like the attacking club we usually are. I was disappointed mostly about the creativity in the middle it more or less equal possession but the managed 9 shots on target to our 2 that was what cost us. I couldn't put my finger on what it was so I just thought it was a blip and we would learn from it.

Npower Championship
Nottingham Forest 2 Derby 1
Mcleary 14, Cohen 45+2 Doyle 4
It was good to get one over your rivals a real fan pleaser. So apart from the first 5 mins we controlled the whole game a nice finnish from Mcleary and a master class from Chris Cohen helped get us the points. To be honest we never looked like losing and after the first 5 minutes we never looked back!

League Cup 2nd Rnd
Nottingham Forest 3 Watford 0
Blackstock 57 Earnshaw 83, 90+4
The second time in a month Forest comfortably beat Watford. Earnshaw and Blackstock look a real strike force. Both of them could and maybe should oh hat-tricks tonight. The creativity from midfield has come back and we look unbeatable. The tactic I'm using seems to be working a treat. I'll tell you more about it later!

Npower Championship
Forest 4 Hull 1
Earnshaw 3, Blackstock 45, 90+4, Wilson 56 Ashbee 68
Another brilliant result which I thought we would find hard to win. Robbie and Dexter looked brilliant again tonight and there seems to be no room for Wood. The only downside is probably the goal we conceded silly and sloppy.

Pro's: Brilliant wins, lots of goals, only one loss
Con's; To many goals conceded we could be vulnerable!

Man of the Month
Has to go to Chris Cohen he's been pinnacle in the attacking moves scoring and assisting a fantastic player!
I have adopted the counter style. I know a lot of Forest's players are quite quick and we can catch people on the break. We try to break down either flank to float a cross in for Dexter. Or we attack quickly go down the flanks to put it into the middle to make some through balls. Chris Cohen is one of the most relied on in my tactic as he's a box to box midfielder who supplies most attacks.

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Ahh, Nottingham...Will certainly be following!
The story is super,but i dont like the font it seems hard to read
Hope you go far, good stories outside the top leagues are hard to find, yet i sometimes find them the most entertaining. Good luck!
Hope you go far, good stories outside the top leagues are hard to find, yet i sometimes find them the most entertaining. Good luck!

Thanks mate hope you enjoy!
Updates tonight been away so need to catch up!

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Pacing up and down watching the lads train I felt a bit of unrest in the camp. "No Lewis, use a better pass it!" I shouted from the touchline. I could sense it the squad weren't linking together as in the first two months. I didn't think too much of it but still called in the lads. Looking like naughty school children they entered. "What's been going off lads?" I enquired "Nothing coach." Said Wes Morgan said trying not to smirk. It seemed I was in a class room once again except for I was the teacher telling off the lads. "Seriously nothing’s happened gaffer!" Said Lewis Mcgugan. An hour later they still wouldn't open up so I let them off. I still had an idea of what had happened. For some reason Joel Lynch had not come to training so I sent David Kelly round my assistant manager. As he rolled up to his house he rang the doorbell to find Joel with a black eye. "He didn't want to speak about it." David said. However I noticed Dele Adebola with some cut knuckles I think both lads go into a scuffle but I let it go. Quite the detective I thought to myself!"


October Results:

Nottingham Forest 1 Scunthorpe 2
Earnshaw 81 Brandey 47, Nimley 64
Today I could really feel the unrest the lads were just not up for the game. We proved to be weak at the back and couldn't shoot to save our lives. I really couldn't believe we scored to be honest. The 2 key components to win a football match and we didn't provide. I'm expecting more next time poor performances won't get us up.


Nottingham Forest 0 Crystal Palace 2
Andrew 23, 37
A master class from Calvin Andrew which in theory we could of kept him out. However football isn't shown on paper. We created more possession more shots and we still couldn't put it in the back of the net. I was very surprised at the match we really should of scored knowing that we have very talented strikers. This is pushing us down the league and I am still expecting more.

Nottingham Forest 0 Coventry 3
McSheffry 5, 41 Jutkiewicz 71
The poorest performance of the season this is one I would like to forget. We were run around all day and couldn't come up with anything. I'm starting to think the minor scuffle was bigger than expected. However at least there is one good thing coming out of it. We can only improve!


League Cup 3rd Round
Nottingham Forest 2 Liverpool 0
Blackstock 56, 90+1
And perform they did a most memorable day for the Forest faithful. Don't let the league cup make you expect Liverpool were playing reserves. Forest saw the likes of Maxi, Glen Johnson and Daniel Agger still play. Forest looked as confident as ever and long may it continue!

Nottingham Forest 2 Preston 0
Blackstock 6, Cohen 44
Confidence from the Liverpool game spilt out into this game with a game Forest totally dominated. Dexter Blackstock with 3 goals in 2 games showed liveliness sprinting past the defence from a Gareth Mcleary through ball which he chipped over the keeper. He is looking a real force. Then after 44mins Cohen showed real precision blasting the ball from just outside area straight into the bottom corner. A thoroughly deserved win for the reds!


Nottingham Forest 1 Ipswich 1
A thrilling match for a 1-1 draw! Both teams had chances to win it but it was a fair score. Many shots were missed but I didn't mind drawing. Both fans will be happy!


A bad month for the Tricky Tree's with the first 3 match’s being very poor. As a result we have dropped down the league. However the second half of the month looked positive with Forest getting a brilliant result against Liverpool!

Pros. -Good result against Liverpool. -Blackstock looking good
Cons. -Bad Championship month. -Squad looked unsettled

Man of the Month
Dexter Blacksock! Hard to choose as not many people have played well. However the second half of the year Dexter was on fire scoring 2 against Liverpool.

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Nice story mate I dont a forest story on fm10 was my first ever story. Got upto the prem in first season. but never really got any further than that. I'd suggest maybe you should Centre the pictures and centre the game reports to make it look a little neater mate.
Nice story mate I dont a forest story on fm10 was my first ever story. Got upto the prem in first season. but never really got any further than that. I'd suggest maybe you should Centre the pictures and centre the game reports to make it look a little neater mate.

Cheers mate will centre everything :)

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3 months in and I decided to reflect on the last 4 months. Before this opportunity I was working as an accountant feeling sorry for myself. I had the chance to play at the top level until the crunching tackle that took me out of the game. I still wonder if Kris thinks of the challenge. In a way ruining someone’s life, there dream. Ever since I was a little boy I was dreaming of becoming a champion in the sport I loved. However I had to carry on and battle for the chance of working in football again. I'm still thankful for my opportunity and don't want to let anyone down. This was shown in this month’s results with only losing one and winning the rest.

November Results:

Nottingham Forest 3 Bristol 0
Anderson 31, Earnshaw 72, Wood 81
Well what can I say one of my favourite performances of the season. Seeing the lads all take their part in the win each position we played from the defence who kept a clean sheet to the midfield who created the goals and Anderson scoring to the attack who took their chances when they came. A great performance by the lads.

Nottingham Forest 0 Q.P.R. 1
Hulse 17
From one of the best performances of the season I saw a very disappointing result against a team we should beat. We created enough but just couldn't get the ball into the back of the net I tried everything I could putting attacking options on but it didn't work. I'm hoping for some more precise shooting next match.

Forest 3 Cardiff 1
Blackstock 14, 17, Wood 69 Bellamy 20
And that's what the strikers did! A quick fire double by top goal scorer Dexter Blackstock and a nice little finish by Chris Wood provided more than enough goals for the win. I was delighted at how both strikers played with them both linking up well. With Chris playing as the target man and Dexter playing just off him as a poacher they are looking a real striking force! I was disappointed with the goal we let in but Bellamy is a great player and if you provide him with time and space he will score.

Nottingham Forest 4 Leeds 1
Coleman og 9, Wilson 35, Blackstock 42, Bromby pg 45 McCormack 58, Snodgrass missed pen 3
A somewhat eventful game where Leeds gave it on a plate to us. Two own goals and missed penalty made it easy for us. If they had been somewhat more fortuitous I think the full time team talk could have been a lot different. In my opinion they deserved to win. But we won and that's all that mattered!

A very good month after our rubbish month last time. I am sitting in a much more comfortable position then last time writing to you. We have played great football and where unfortunate not to beat Q.P.R. However we should really should have lost to Leeds but what goes around comes around!

Man of the Month
I think it's time Chris Wood should get this award. He's been outstanding this month linking with Dexter. He's created a lot of chances and also scored a couple as well. He's played an is not letting Earnie get a shout of a first team place!