Dec 8, 2009
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Hello guys,

Hopefully I am allowed to post my videos here. Maybe some of you are looking for text.
I'm creating a story with videos. If my thread is not allowed on the Manager Stories, please move this topic to the allowed forum.

I'm doing 20-30 mins episodes with a professional microphone & HD quality managing the team "Wolves".
Right now I'm in season 9 and just uploaded episode number 2 (from season 9).

My aim is to create some kind of documentary. Taking a Championship team to the top. Watching my juniors rise. For example after the fist season I transfered a 14 years old AMC for 11.000.000$. It was a huge investment. That player is now 21 years old and it's the best striker in the game. At least after the last season results. I find it pretty fun to watch a constant progression.

This is how he looks 6 months ago.

All my episodes are edited so I will not bore you with loading screens and other stuff. I'm trying to compress as much info as possible in 20-30 minutes (there are some exceptions).

If you are interested in my show check the official website:
Let's Play Football Manager 2013 - Wolves - GamerPET
and the YouTube Channel:
GamerPET - YouTube

If you have suggestions please post them here or email me.

Thank You