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Taking_FM11_to_Level12England & Taking_FM11_to Level5 Wales

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Feb 23, 2011
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After Superbladesmen last year taking fm11 to level 11 i thought i would have a go as rtcs has failed (ish) ;) i have a fully working level 10 with 48 Addictional Cups & super cups they arnt County Cups they are league cups and super cups also there is a cup for each level you go down So there is one For Level 7 called the Regional Premier Divisions Cup And Regional First divsivsions cup The Winners Of these go into The Regional Divisions Super Cup the same for level 9 + 10 Also there is a Cup for Blue Square north and south, "conference cup" and the two Winners of North and South go into a super cup and the winner plays the winner of the super cup. In level 10 the FTB Futbol Division one has Two Leagues East And West and they also go into a super cup, i am currently Testing level 10. All teams have a Good historic Structure


i havent Started Wales yet, but it will run the same as the level 10 england with lots and lots of Cups, i will try to make level 6 but it will be with basic infomation, Once Again this should be a easier 'Project than england due to the Sheer amount of league when you go down to level 12.

Northern Ireland.
i will be making A level 5/6 of this if i have time :)

Thankyou :)
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