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Tales of a thoroughly average manager

Jul 9, 2010
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Disclaimer: I am not the type of FM player who does in-depth tactics/scouting/training/preparation (basically anything). I just press go and watch this footballing slot-machine whirl away.

Inspired by some of the delightful stories on this site I decided I wanted to get involved. I've just made a Faroe Islands setup after a request in the Editing sub-forum so thought I'd have a go making my digital living there.

Where the ****** **** are the 'Fairy islands'? - Mrs. Lami23, 29/12/13

Our tale begins in the frozen north, the Faroe Islands, a self-governing series of islands thriving under Danish sovereignty. The islands lie around 200 miles off the northern tip of Scotland, in the middle of the North Atlantic.
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I decided to pick a team called Undri? F?tb?ltsfelag (Still oblivious about how to pronounce the name) playing in the 3rd tier of Faroese football '2. deild'. We're one of 3 first teams in the league, the other 7 are 2nd and even 3rd squads of the higher-ups.

The squad is full of what people call 'deadwood', however I christened them all 'gumpf' and proceeded to bring in my own team. Of the few decent players I inherited, my stand out would have to be the fantastically named 'Erling Fles'. Strong, fit and talented, he's laid claim to my starting Striker place (and that was just given his name). Look for more from Erling later on.

Naturally despite initial targets of maintaining a strong league position, I'm looking for more. Thankfully my team responded well to my pep-talk and morale is on the up.

Into the season we go!

I picked up a few free agents and amateur players to bolster the ranks, it left me with a hugely inflated squad, but who gives a toss, I'm not paying them!

I left my inept assistant to manage the 4 arranged friendlies and he came back with a 1-0-3 record. Hmm. Moving on...

The Logmanssteypid (My brew was teypid by this point.../facepalm)
The Faroe Islands cup of choice is the Logmanssteypid, a straight knockout competition for the 18 first teams in their 4 leagues. As my adopted team is *****, we got drawn in a four team qualifier. Emphesis on the word *****.

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Well, that's the end of that little adventure.

Trying my best not to be disheartened i pressed on into the only remaining competition for me...

2. deild
The third teir as noted contains 10 teams playing each other twice for a very short season. We had a cracking start with an early with against one of the many 2nd teams in the league, AB Argir. However, the pre-mentioned 'shiteness' caught up with me and we blipped for 3 games, coming out the other end with a measly 2 points.
At this point I was scrambling through all the homemade tactics on here, looking for a way out of my snow-hole. I picked a positively modest one titled:


Desperate times my friends...
Needless to say a change of tactics was required as we then went 10 games with only one loss and a bucket full of goals from the one and only Erling Fles.

Note how I said 10 games with 1 loss. If I had included the next two games it would be a much more depressing statistic. Never the less, fate it seems took a quick nap, as we blasted through to the end, the title still up in the air on the final day!

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What a pissy way to win the league, but a win is a win!

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So despite my complete lack of confidence, it seems there was a shred of truth in ASMFC's prediction about his tactics. I simply won everything (that I could at the time..shhh)

End of Season awards:
Fans Player of the Season: Erling Fles
Managers Player of the Season: Erling Fless
Match of the Year: 5-0 win vs NSI Runavik
Shining Star: Brian Joensen - 16 year old Stirker, natural successor to 'The Fles'

Lets see how we fare in 1. deild!