TalkSport Football Manager Live Competition


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Sep 15, 2005
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The first 1000 talkSPORT listeners to register in our "talkSPORT World" will be able to play a whole season absolutely free! You will then go head-to-head with other talkSPORT listeners as well some of talkSPORT's very own presenter talent. At the end of the season the top 25 players will then win a 12 month subscription.
Not doing to well then.

Pretty bad time to release it tbf
Nobody's heard of FM Live that's why. They have done a really poor job of getting it known.
fm live is **** and playing that biast ginger **** or Ian Wright doesnt do it justice.
well his morning show is meh...dont like him because he hail hails on air
Leave him alone, he was fiddled as a kid
:| How do you not know the Jim Torbett story, the coach at Celtic Boys Club who abused all the kids, Alan Brazil was the one that exposed it as it happened to him.
i really didnt know about that :| feel bad now