Jul 22, 2010
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Hey guys,

I'm playing a 4-4-2 formation (as shown below)

and as you can see from the stats, i'm having poor returns in terms of goals and more importantly, my crosses success rate is awful.

i want to build my team around strong partnerships between
1) 2 centre backs (limited defender - cover and defender - stopper)
2) 2 centre mids (defensive mid and playmaker)
3) 2 centre forwards (target man and poacher)
4) full backs and wingers on each flank

and hence the 4-4-2 formation. however i havnt been successful. as said earlier, i'm poor in terms of successful crosses and my shots per goal ratio his poor as well. i am at wits end as to how i can make this work,. i really need your help in this. hope you tactical gurus can help me out here.

here's my squad list

as well as my team instructions for your reference.

looking forward to reading your replies! :)
My advice is don't play with wingers but use inside forwards instead because I also rarely scores from crosses. Also Gerrard isn't a winger and alexis sanchez has poor crossing
hmmm, if i dont play with wingers.. how do i play carroll then? stupid fella can't score
Andy Carroll is very underrated on the game but try playing Saurez as an Advanced Forward because hes very hard working and capable of creating and scoring goals.

Not what you asked for you should play Agger as Central Defender cover and Carra as the stopper lol. Not sure why your playing Gerrard on the wing either but each to their own.
hmmm, if i dont play with wingers.. how do i play carroll then? stupid fella can't score
You have to sell him. But if you insisted to keep him then buy a pacey winger with 15+ at crossing and set cross aim to 'target man'.
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