Target man supply and creative freedom...


Jun 28, 2013
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I have some questions about the game please help...

1.Can anyone please explain how target man supply works??
These are my assumptions
a) to head - Good when playing strong tall targetmen, but how exactly it works i have no idea..
b) To feet - again a bit confused on which scenario to use it......
c) run onto ball - fast target men ok fine...but when to use it and when not to use it...

2. How does the match engine treat target men and playmakers and what happens when i dont have any playmaker or targetman enabled?

3. What exactly does creative freedom do in the game??

4. If i have a complete forward like lewandowski and pacy striker like walcott whats the best TSupply i should use and which formation?

5. If passing style controls the passing options of a player, Should attacking players in a possession tactic have short or direct passes?

6. Through balls = the only way to create key passes???

Sorry for the post being long...thanks..