Downloaded and when I click on team profile pages the stadium picture is missing and some other parts in the upper area of that part of the menu. Wondering if I just missed downloading something as I'm pretty new to this
Bluestillidie00 updated TCS 2020 with a new update entry:

v1.2.1 Released

v1.2 Features
  • Added a new graphic for all dialog popups
  • Added new overview screen on Team Report
  • Increased the border on all boxes
  • Increased height of the fixtures panel on competition pages
  • Complete overhaul to the Inbox
  • Complete overhaul to the Manager home screen
  • Added
  • Schedule page overhauled
  • Tweaked graphics of dropdown menus
  • Added "Next Unread" button to inbox
  • Tweaks to various news panel
  • Added green background behind...

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Great skin as always! Few questions, is there anyway to change the background from just plain grey/black + how do I move the player image in the player profile so it's not slightly covering the number? Thanks
this just wont work for me, it doesnt show up when i try and change. only thing that comes up on fm is light and dark mode
Works great except that my news section doesn't show any pictures but looks like this:
2020-04-15 12_50_40-Window.png
nothing appears in the news section. what's the solution?