Tea Man to the rescue? - A Swindon Town Story


Dec 7, 2009
The Office, per usual, was silent. Only the clunking of keyboards and buzzing of printers was to be heard. It really was like The Office, wich is of course not complete without it's own David Brent. Mark Bowers... always banging on about "productivity" and "reliabilty" being the "key to success". In once sense I agree with him, in a footballing sense of course! I mean, you dont win five champions leagues with Swindon Town on Football Manager 2007 without "productivity" and "reliability". But in every other way I hate everything the man said and did, a complete w****r to say the least!
"Oi, Badcock" he would say in his overly confident, whiny voice whenever he needed an errand boy. He would never use my full name, only Badcock... a bit like your school bully

Anyway, I'm Jacob Badcock and I like many other people endure the daily office grind and can only dream of bigger and greater things... my only enjoyment, football. A lifelong Swindon fan and Nationwide employee, I once had a promising career as a young goalkeeper but after a being released by my beloved Swindon, slipped into obscurity. I've tried countless coaching courses and diplomas, but to no avail. I always seem to end up in the same place... The office, perhaps I am meant to lead a life of mediocracy?