Team comparison/when to use certain tatics(2 questions in one)


Mar 3, 2009
First of all sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I'm Arsenal, just bought the game, created 2 tatics, one that is more control orientated 4 5(3 cms, 2 wide men) 1 and one that is more counter 4 1 4 1...When I watch my team play the first generally allows us to controll the game and the ball, where as the second generally alllows to be a threat on counter.

My problem is I'm not always sure when to deploy either tactic, seems obvious, but when I look at team comparison sometimes the opposition is better and passing than we are etc and I feel like I shouldn't be using the control tactic. This is a problem I have had on fm since 2012, How do should I got about deciding when it is best to deploy which tactic ?

(For now I'm alright, because first season I know most pl players I can tell who we mabe should dominate against but against regens anyone could be anyone lol)