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Team Guide - Borussia Dortmund

mental man

Jan 12, 2011
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Club Name: Borussia Dortmund


Last Season Finish:
Founded: 19 December 1909

Rivals: Schalke

Legends: August Lenz, Lothar Emmerich, Aki Schmidt


Signal Iduna Park (Westfalenstadion)

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At the start of the first season you will get a choice of three options; of these I recommend Champ. League Qualification as there is not too big a difference between all three and it is due to be a hard season to win with Bayern, Schalke and a tough overall division.

Facilities and Staff:
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Overall your facilities are great, great training and youth facilities and a massive stadium. Very nice situation to start you off.

As far as staff you have a very low budget with staff but because of this only a few good coaches and physios. Your best coach is probably Wolfgang De Beer for GKs, everyone else is potentially expendable although the trouble is the board will only allow you 6 coaches the first season with no option even to ask for more allowed. If you have the Brazilian league loaded up I suggest looking there for coaches as they have great ones who don't ask for too big of wages often. I highly recommend Anselmo Sbraglia, Elio Carravetta, Oscar Rodriguez from Brazil. Also, Gian Nicola Bisciotti (italian) as a Fitness coach. If you are unhappy with your Assistant Manager and have Brazil loaded try to get Valdir de Moraes in, offer him a long term contract if you can so he doesn't retire, he is awesome and will help with coaching a lot. At physio really the only one good enough is your head, you should cut the other two and look to sign replacements. For scouts they are okay but there are only 3 of them! I highly recommend Mauro Pederzoli and Bojan Krkic off of free transfers and Pablo Longoria from Atalanta.

Overall I think staff will be a big area for you to improve in the future as you get a higher reputation and bigger budget.

Already you have a very talented squad set up for you with very few gaping holes, and many strengths.

Captain and Vice-Captain
Sebastian Kehl - 32 yrs - DMC/MC - A big stalwart for your midfield, obviously due to his age he wont be a factor much longer but for this season he is a great player and can lead your title winning side.

Roman Weidenfeller - 32 yrs - GK - Extremely solid goalie and one of the best in the league nearing the end of his prime, a bit of a personal shame for him he was never able to get a cap in the German side with all those talented goalies, but he has been the man between the sticks for BVB for over a decade.

Key Players:

Mario Götze - 20 yrs - AMC(RL) - A player i'm sure all of you know and have heard of and probably seen go to some other club for around 20m in previous games. Very young player who is already one of the best in the league and has potential to terrorize teams for years.

Marco Reus - 23 yrs - AMR(CL), ST - A big summer signing from Gladbach, plays amazing as an inside forward on either wing and can play all 4 forward positions with aplomb. Also recommend him as a poacher if you run a 2 striker formation.

Robert Lewandowksi - 23 yrs - ST - Leading goalscorer last season and one of your only two natural strikers in the squad, he is insane for me playing in this tactic as the lone front man with a lot of support, I suggest training him on finishing.

Ilkay Gündogan - 21 yrs - MC, AMC - Essential to my tactic as a deep lying playmaker and in general is a fantastic playmaker in midfield who has loads of potential as well.

Mats Hummels/ Neven Subotic - 23 yrs - CB - Duo tandem at the heart of your defense which rivals the best in world football, Hummels is the slightly better one IMO but it is essential you keep both.

Youth Prospects:

Most of the players listed above also would qualify here do to being so young, but even with that there are still several players at the club who have very promising futures.

Moritz Leitner - 19 yrs - MC, AM(RLC) - lacks the defensive stats and physicality I would prefer in a CM but is great at either playmaker roles. A great rotation player now and a huge star next to him for the future. Can play any midfield role but doesn't really have the attributes for them all in my opinion.

Leonardo Bittencourt - 18 yrs - AMC(RL), MC (RLC) - read above ^ maybe a bit better in mental categories but a bit worse technically, same as leitner can play the whole midfield but i would really only recommend him in a central playmaking role.

Jeremy Dudziak - MC, D/WB/M/AM L , DMC, AMC - not quite as bright a star as the two above but could still develop into a very good role player for you, again suited mostly for the center of the midfield but with proper training could play anywhere down the left.

Julian Koch - DR, DC - Currently on loan at Duisburg, a versatile defender who has the potential again as a role player for you in the future, good already but wont help you at all first season due to the loan.

The Rundown

GK - Weidenfeller, Langerak, Alomerovic - already discussed, Weidenfeller is a very solid keeper and Langerak is a good deputy, Alomerovic though has no place in the first team right now and I would sell him as I don't see him ever breaking in to the team.

GK Transfer Targets - not first season but I would suggest within the second or third season getting a replacement for the aging Weidenfeller - two young stud german options, Ter Stegen and Leno. They have a heavy pricetag so try to unsettle them, especially if they are unhappy following a seasons close.

DR - Piszczek, Kirch, Owomoyela - Piszczek is a stud here and is one of the top RBs in the league, narrowly missed the key players list. Both Kirch and Owomoyela are decent backups but I would look to sell Owomoyela as Kirch is more versatile and a bit younger, Possibly selling kirch after the first season when Koch returns.

DR Transfer Targets - none. You have at least 3 top seasons left out of Piszczek and a returning loanee next year.

DC - Hummels, Subotic, Santana - Already discussed dynamite duo at back, awesome for years to come, Santana is a more than able back-up/rotation player but the issue here obviously is you only have 3 total players here. A big hole if one goes down or both are tired in fixture congestion.

DC Transfer Targets - John Mensah, Free. Obviously you need help with depth here and Mensah gives you a great option for cheap, he is also very versatile and can cover every spot on the back line. For a more pricey option that would require you blowing your whole budget, go for Kjaer from Wolfsburg for 3-3.5m. I would suggest a loan here to give you 5 total just for depth. Try Albiol from Madrid, expensive on the wage budget though, or Nastasic from Man City, Boyata from City, Batra from Barca. A potential future signing is Kirkoff from Mainz but he is just too much for the budget this season.

DL - Schmelzer, Kirch, Lowe - Schmelzer is nice and solid here but one of your backups is a RB, still decent though, and a LM who "can play" LB. I suggest pulling up Halstenberg from your second team if any injuries happen.

DL Transfer Targets - Mensah can cover here (barely) if you sign him, again i recommend a foreign free player in matthew bates, not a world beater and a CB first but can cover the whole back line and won't be very expensive. In the future this is an area you can improve on but not a need right away.

DMC - Bender, Kehl - not too many options here but both are great players, only issue is Bender is injured to start the season, in my tactic i don't run a DM so I didn't see the need to get depth here. That said, while both are good ball winnings MCs, they are born to play DM.

DMC Transfer Targets - I say none but if you want some cover I suggest Emre Can from Bayern, if you can purchase him later even better.

MC -
Gündogan, Leitner - I only listed the 2 natural MCs but there are 7 total who can play the position well, I prefer to have Gündogan and Leitner on the right side dictating play and Bender/Kehl on the left doing the hard work, Bittencourt I also look to rotate in there occasionally at DPM.

MC Transfer Targets - again i feel you have the depth here to succeed first season although if you loaned in Can it wouldn't hurt as he could play both MC slots. Future targets - Garmash, Cirigliano, also Lewis Holtby is available usually on a free transfer after his contract ends, you can sign him in January and he will add to the pool of young talented german internationals

AMR - Reus,
Blaszczykowski, Großkreutz - an extremely deep position I feel with all three being starting quality and the first two being Bundesliga studs. you also have Leitner, Bittencourt and Götze who could play here in a pinch but i wouldn't expect them to except the occasional cup game maybe.

AMR Transfer Targets - none again, very strong position.

Götze, Leitner, Bittencourt, Gündogan, Reus - Possibly the strongest position in the squad and you have 3 star players who can all play here with 2 young studs who can as well.

AMC Transfer Targets - Despite the depth I often find that it is irresistible to not sign Adryan from Flamengo for 875k , huge potential talent there and gives you one more young playmaker to bleed in. Possibly if you want to spend your whole budget + changing wages get Wellington Nem from Fluminese, unreal player who can play all across the front of midfield and is deadly where ever he plays. 3.5m release clause. (5m under his value!)

AML - Reus,
Großkreutz, Perisic, Schieber - Yet another very strong attackign position for the team, Reus is the star on either wing but I prefer him here so I can get more games for Blaszcyzkowski, but I often swap them as Perisic is deadly on the left and you have great depth here as well.

AML Transfer Targets - Suprised? None. With such a tight budget this is hardly the area I would spend it.

ST - Lewandowski, Schieber, Reus - Already discussed Lewandowski, he is a beast, and Schieber is a quality rotation player with potential but after that and Reus it gets very thin, this would be my area to strengthen along with CB.

ST Transfer Targets - I would figure a loan here or a cheap youngster as you don't really have the budget to sign any stars/future stars. However if you have the budget and make it in installments 5.5m for Ademilson would be an amazing buy for the squad, give you depth and a future star in just a few seasons. Kermit Erasmus for 1-1.5m is a nice player with flair with potential. Niang from milan is a loan option, as well as, Dybala, Alacer, Henriquez from Man Utd, Sturridge from chelsea all young stars in the making and their clubs should be willing to let them leave temporarily.

Additional Notes

Overall I think the club is in a great position to exceed expectations this season with the right manager and is only a few seasons away from challenging for a champions league title! I think one of the best things about the club is that there are only 3 squad members above 30 and you may sell one of those. in the 26-30 range there are only a further 3 more. I think that it's awesome that there are so many young and talented players at the club and that if Dortmund can hold onto all/most of their players they have a youth built squad who can compete with giants on the way. Really impressive in my opinion in real life that they have assembled that squad of mostly domestic players, speaks volumes to Klopp and the Managing staff, Shame you have to replace him ;)

This is my first guide so any feedback would be appreciated and I hope this helps someone/inspires someone to play BVB!!

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Nov 8, 2011
Looks good mate. I think Dortmund are going to be one of the most popular teams on FM13.

How does Bittencourt develop he looks a beast.


Sep 13, 2010
Oh...bvb its my favorite team in real life.. i have this year in open match in bundes liga BVB - Werder ...if someone wanna se wideos or pictures tell me i can upload it here ...its amazing in signal iduna park with 80.000!!!!


Dec 15, 2009
For attacker I recommend Helenius from AaB. I haven't managed Dortmund, but he is a good striker, young and is also cheap.


Oct 25, 2010
Great guide and just what I was looking for before I started a new game with Dortmund. Could I have a look at you team instructions for your tatic and have you had any success with it?

Thanks :)


Feb 3, 2013
Hey dude this is an awesome guide but can u plz upload the team instractions you used when started with BvB ? in this one u have made many signings...!!! :D

mental man

Jan 12, 2011
same instructions from the start mate. this is second season so i have made about 8 signings in total, only one over 10m was schurrle, holtby was free, nem was 3.5m, kelly was under 5 and olsson was under 7, financed the deals by selling santana, Schmelzer, Lowe, Owomeyela, Großkreutz and Schieber plus what i got for having a succesful first year. cheers.