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Nov 27, 2009
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Hello guys!

I have a huge issue with team morale and i cannot break through to lift it despite achieving superb resoults.

it all started with Carlos Bacca who wanted a new contract but i dident have the finances to give it to him. His agent then fierce disclices me, and despite warning Bacca for transferlist if he will not sign new contract and him agreeing to discuss new contract i cannot offer him a new contract due to the game stating he is not interested.
then since i cant offer him a contract he gets more mad and tell me i broke promises to him, and now in 3rd season we aint on speaking terms. i have tried everything, but now the team disslikes how i handle the situation i cant do anything) and morale is dropping like a stone. one after the other player demand first team football, and despite appearing in 60% + of the matches due to rotation they call me out, complaine to teammateand are unhappy with one thing or the other.

Is there anything i can do to raise morale?????

I realy do not want to get fired as the board have warned me to raise morale or i get fired despite winning LA Liga with sevilal 2 years in a row and winning the supercup once, CL once and managing Spain on the side.

I have tried to call players up to the spain squad to increase their morale but it doesnot seem to help ><

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Nov 11, 2014
Try selling the main guys that are not on talking terms and bring in new faces. Never had the problem so not sure if it will work.