Jul 16, 2010
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Does the season expectations effect your team reputation and how players and coaches you want to sign react to your offers? Im Leeds in my 3rd season and last season i finished 11th so this season when asked about seasonal expectations i chose top half finish, my team is good enough for me to pick continental qualification through league position but the board offered just an extra 2.5mill for it so i chose top half to play it safe

But now im having great difficulty signing players for example, Lee Cattermole is still at Sunderland who finished 2 places above the relegation zone and wouldnt come to me for anything less than £150,000 a week. And players such as Andy Carroll who is still playing for Newcastle who finished a place above me said he isnt interested in even opening contract negotiations, and its the same for so many other players and coaches

Also, does anyone know some good 3.5/4 star coaches who would probably come to me? 95% of coaches i try to sign have no interest at all and i cant find any, so my wonderkids are all not developing because of poor coaching staff
Your reputation increases gradually depending on results, if you underachieve, chances are it will go down. If you overachieve by miles, getting into europe, win the fa cup, your reputation will increase rapidly

(my expectations with nufc, were finish mid table, i tried to sign olic on a pre contract in january, he wouldnt sign because of the reputation, then in july, after i finished 4th, he had no problems and signed straight away.)
I know such drastic changes in league positions may change it but players ive never had trouble signing wont even consider it anymore, I done a deal to sign Naughton from Tottenham in January of season 2 and just hoped the board would give me cash, they didnt so it fell through, then i tried to sign him close season and he refused to even negotiate this time
Expectations don't affect your club's rep as far as I know, else you could just go for the Title and start attracting a better standard of a player.

As for the coaches, search for the attributes you need (let's say Mental and Technique for Ball Control) at 17+, Assistent filtering out unrealistic targets, view mental stats and sort by determination, then just check the DDM of the interested ones and there you go. Easier than giving a list of names, most of which might not want to sign for you anyway, and it already includes regen coaches and whatnot. You shouldn't have any problems building up at least a 4-star minimum coaching staff considering you're in the EPL and Leeds already have somewhat of a rep.
After a few season in which you played very well, more and more players will accept to join you.