Dec 21, 2011
Reaction score
Hey, I've always wondered how other people use the information given from the scout reports of other teams. I can see what types of goals they score, when they score them etc. but I never know how to use this information to gain an advantage in the next game. If anyone could tell me what they do or give me some pointers on how to use it that would be great.
Thanks :)
Mainly the formation they are going to use, or what they may change their formations to mid game. You can also check out their key players and who's in form/ injured.

It's difficult to interpret all that data, I'm only really learning how to do it at the moment. Also, the reports don't really give you information on how they will play such as attacking/ defending, long ball/ short ball, set pieces etc... which is frustrating.
I mainly just use the report to see wether they are weaker through the middle or the flanks, and wether they concede lots of headers or normal shots, everything else I get from watching matches and looking at their squad :)