Teams with 35+ milions transfer budget


Jun 13, 2010
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Hey, I want to get my two favaourite players (both of them cost like 35-45 milions), but don't know what team has such transfer budget. Could you help me?
total network solutions? ha. gotta be barca, real, city, united etc
Apart from the big teams, Real Madrid, Barca, Chelsea, Man Utd and City, I don't think anyone else has this kind of money to spend
Shakhtar Donetsk. Can't remember how much but lots.
If you use LFCMarshalls update, clubs generally have higher transfer updates.
Shakhtar is the only outsider i can think of. Maybe one those oil country clubs in the middle east. They pay their players a LOT so they should have good finances.
With Shakhtar I got around $58 million first season......not sure how much that is in pounds or euros or whatever you're looking for. Tottenham gets almost $30 million, but also has loads of excess players to sell.
does anyone know of a list of teams and there transfer budgets?
Which players are they? Why not be the manager of one of their teams and buy the other?
barça have 12 mio, but you can rise it to 18 mio (in euro)

I think Zenit also has a good budget. 3 mio iirc