Mar 1, 2013
Reaction score
When the game finished maybe my team win 3-0 I talk with my team [Assertive]I'm very happy with your performance.There will be some players had lose focus also at half time team talk too when my team lead i told them i pleased with performance players always demotivate and lose focus. Some save is happen some is not. This happen since first patch until nowadays

Sorry for my bad English.

what is your past playing experience? is it sunday league footballer? if so and your managing a top club (haha Arsenal, oh well!) then the players wont respect you as you are a nobody, causing bad team talks.
on this post when i get my assistant to do team talk and then his stats go down like johan cryuff , his motivativating man managment and level of discipline where all above 15 last season now his level of discipline is 9 Man management is 14 and motovating is 12 does this affect his teamtalk
sometime i ask my assistant sometime i do it by my self but both is the same result