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telmessos's Tactic (used for smaller teams)

Dec 21, 2010
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Hi all,

I wanted to share my tactic with you. I am using this tactic for Fethiyespor, a Turkish Second Division team with a low budget and limited ability players.

First season I am 4th on the league which is a fine position considering the level of attributes of my players and my mistakes on making enough squad depth.

The attack tactic is based on two centre backs and two full backs on the defence line. On the lower leagues, the most of good defenders are aged and slow. For this reason I kept the defensive line deep to avoid the fast attackers of the opposition make fast runs behind the defence. You can edit the defence dept according to your player pace and acceleration.

Midfield consists of one ball winning midfielder with a defence duty and one box-to-box midfielder with support duty.

There is one attacking midfielder with support duty (If you choose a player with high long shots, passing, finishing attributes, he scores a lot of goals).

Two inside forwards with attacking duty, swapping positions to break the balance of the opposition defence.

And one Deep Lying Forward with support duty.

On counter tactic, ball winning midfielder goes back to Anchorman and the attacking midfielder comes back to ball winning midfielder position. Playing mentality changes from Control to Counter. Team is trying to get the ball while the opposition is attacking and pass it through the fast Inside Forwards and Deep Lying Forward for counter attack goals.

Here is the league table :

Here are the three example match results

Tactics are attached. I will be glad if you inform me about your results.