Ten-man Everton hold off Man City

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Aug 23, 2006
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Everton deny Manchester City the chance to go top of the Premier League table with a 2-1 win at Eastlands.

Get in, top result for the Toffees.
Great result and deserved too for Everton and it will be intresting to see how city pick themselves up from this setback and tbh if their home form doesn't improve they have no chance of winning the league. Nice to be top over christmas as well :)
I couldn't believe we (Man City) lost. I saw a little scrap with the Man City I think Goalkeeping Coach and Mancini over Zabaleta's head and the state it was in before Zabaleta went down the tunnel, which could mean that even the staff aren't a team, nor are the players anyway. I might start another game with Man City and try make them a profitable football club concidering I got sacked in season 3 last time haha.
the toffees totally deserved it, they were the better team
the toffees totally deserved it, they were the better team

What game did you watch, City were all over them second half. But very glad the scum got humbled :D
Great result. Hopefully Everton can come into some good form.
If they can mainain some consistency, they can fight for 4th to 6th spot. They have the players capable of doing it. What i like most about Everton team is their passion for the game and never give up attitude. And Moyes is becoming expert is bringing up youth and also spotting talent very early.