Nov 8, 2008
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In 2018 with Real Madrid and I have a 32 year old Neuer and a 26 year old ter stegen.

Who is better at this stage? Neuer has done really well but I bought ter stegen due to being younger.

I'm not sure whether to keep Neuer for another season and loan out ter Stegen, or sell Neuer?

Ter Stegen impressed me when he played against me in the Spanish Cup final, and has 3 more clean sheets than Neuer in the league but Neuer has been great..
I had this problem in my Liverpool save (FM13). It literally came down to who preformed better in pre-season (overall stats, not rating). The more consistent player stayed while the latter went on loan.

Neuer was the GK who played better and PSG wanted ter Stegen on Loan (Full wages + 8M loan fee) so it was an easy choice for me :p Pick the man you feel you can trust. Gut instinct is something I always go on in football.
Loaning players doesn't exactly work out in this year's FM, they don't develop much (Ofc ter Stegen is already 26, so it's not likely he'll develop much anyhow.) You can probably do this - if you're getting a good price for Neuer, then sell him. If not, keep Neuer, and sell ter Stegen. However, sell him for cheap, but add a buy-back clause for a cheap price in the contract. I find players develop a bit more if they're actually sold, so I sell them cheaply, but have a very cheap buyback clause so as to get them back for peanuts.

I hate to say this as a United fan, but **** Wenger, you may have had it right (think Carlos Vela)