Apr 19, 2009
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I have Edin Dzeko on my team and has been there for the past 10 years!!
he is nearing retirement and i want to have a testimonial game for him, is this possible??
should it be a feature in the game?
any comments
Have it at the end of the season? You can't have a testimonial match as it is, you have to arrange a friendly and just say it's a testimonal match.
i dont think it does testimonials but u cud try doing a freindly at the end of season like inickstuff said? dunno if they would work that into the game really
That would be a nice addition to the game...
All you can do is let him play his last game, hope he does well and sub him a few minutes before the game ends so he might get a standing ovation. Or as mentioned above organise a friendly (better to organise a cup or league, since you can actually name it the: Dzeko Testimonial Cup/League.

And your other Q: Yes, now you're bringing this up...would be great to do such things in the future editions. Also there are a lot of games played yearly which could be implemented. Think about games taken place every year of decade to honour teams who died in plane-crashes, stadium drama's like Heizel and so on. Or as in my country the nr1 of the 2nd division always plays a match with the Surinam national team pre-season as friendly
I asked this question a while ago and I was told to make a tournament called "(Player name here) Testimonial Match)