The 92

The Raptor

Aug 2, 2023
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Anyone attempted to manage all 92 league clubs in a single game? (It will be the 92 in the league when I get to the end so may end up manager a few more teams!)0
10 competitive games and I resign and move on.
14 clubs so far. You get through games quicker as you don't usually need to spend ages scouting players/sorting out contracts. I generally leave clubs higher up the table than when I arrived. 62% overall win ratio. (Exception being my real life local rivals who lost all their games for some reason...)
I wander if at some point the game is going to realise that I'm a pretty unloyal manager and not give me jobs.
Also I'm playing on the switch so I'm apparently restricted to 30 seasons.
30 seasons and I may have to continue on a new game. I say that still counts right?