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The A.D. Alcorcon Challenge

Dec 10, 2009
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Really don't need to say much. Heck I doubt anyone will want to try to do this cause its crazy. Don't care how long you play it for, but since it is a challenge will say within 10 years to win the La Liga once and Champs League once.

No using editor or anything like that. I really don't care what database you use. Its just a super hard challenge that takes a bit of luck and have an eye for making bargins to succeed with this team.

Just some helpful hints or tips if you do start this:

Start out in the second division of the Spanish League.

Your stadium only holds 3,000 seats and after the first year will bump it up to 6,000 but will be then stuck on that until year five where they will bump it up another 3,000 seats if you have the money.

You have basically no money to start out with and with the lack of stadium revenue its very hard to make money. Basically you will spend more time in the off-season trying to find free transfers than actually playing the game.

Since you are in the Spanish League you don't get a lot of money for the places you finish so the easiest way to make money is getting into the ECC or EC fast or buying people cheap or free then after a year or so to sell them off to make money.

Don't worry about your facilities since they will never help you produce anyone good to play for your team. Just worry about training facilities if you really want to upgrade something.

Best of Luck!