Feb 6, 2009
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Seeing as though the AFCON is being hosted here in SA, I thought I would set this quick, quite difficult challenge..



  • [*=center]Win the PSL
    [*=center]Win the Orange CAF Champions League
    [*=center]Win the AFCON


  • [*=center]Pick any team other than Pirates/Chiefs
    [*=center]You have 5 seasons to do this in
    [*=center]Any team you can get to manage the National Team

Premier Soccer League - [url]www.psl.co.za - official website[/URL]

Will update tomorrow, off home now.

Might be a fun/different challenge etc.. I can always delete it if no one is keen :)
points will be listed tomorrow, points for top goal scorer in all comps, points for top players in the tournaments etc etc..
Would be keen to give this a bash, one of my favourite leagues
Never managed in africa I might give this a bash seeing as my xbox is in the repair shop

are supersport any good because I always get my best african regens from them? I'll probably go with them
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Supersport were good, they won it a few years in a row I think :p I do not watch our league though
So we choose a team from the South African Premiership, and a Nation or just a club?
So we choose a team from the South African Premiership, and a Nation or just a club?

Just a club, you have to get the International manager job as soon as possible before the 5 year period and win!
Started with Ajax CT, doing well in league, unbeaten in first 5 games but yet to meet any of the big boys! Crashed out of super 8 in the semi's... got trounced 5-2 by Kaiser Cheifs in first leg!!! I'll put up a screen shot at the half way stage.
Right here we go, first season done with Ajax CT, screen shots below:

Season went well, third in league & won the South African Knock Out Cup! Bit lucky as managed to avoid Kaiser Chiefs and Pirates! Also managed to reach the semi final of the SA Cup & Super eight but Kaiser Cheifs proved unbeatable! They had a storming season and walked the league to be honest despite sundowns nearly catching them at the end. My star players proved to be my two cb's and Billat up top, 25 goals & 8 assists in 30 apps!

My reputation is now up to national, hoping this puts me in a reasonable position should the national job come up. Hoping to build for next season, however worryingly my team is not getting any younger & I seem to be losing money each month :-/ Despite a huge stadium I struggled come anywhere close to filling it! Hopefully achievements this year will get a few glory hunters on board :p Building a team capable of overturning Kaiser Cheifs currently seems a little daunting! Suprisingly Pirates had an awful season and Sundowns took second spot.

Will start the second season tmw as have a day off work! Wish me luck :)

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