Aug 20, 2012
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Hello everyone, this is my first story thread on here. I will be attempting to do the alphabet challenge. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's where you win a top division in 26 different countries with each club starting out with a different letter of the alphabet.

The first club I will be managing is Auckland City, from New Zeland.
Are you going to resign and then try to get hired by the second club which starts with a "B"? or will you start a new save but keep the story going?
I'll probably resign. I'm not going to go in alphabetical order, I just happened to choose Auckland first.
Oh well can't wait for this series to take off.
So it looks like my laptop hates Print Screens so I'l be writing everything out by hand. I will do monthly reviews of how my teams are doing.

A thing I noticed about the New Zealand Champinship season is that it's very short, only 14 matches. It is spread out however, so it still ends in may. And I also have the OFC Champions League which I should win fairly easily.
August/September Review:

There was only one league match in the month of August which we defeated Waikato FC 3-1.
Chad Coombes, Paul Urlovic, and Ivan Diaz all scored for us, while Riki Van Steeden was taken off injured in the 30th minute. Vicelich, the captain, got man of the match.

The first match of September was an away match against Otago United.
We defeated them 1-5 with goals coming from Daniel Morgan, Chad Coombes (2nd of the season), Paul Urlovic (2nd of the season), David Mulligan, Ivan Vicelich. David Mulligan got man of the match and we are still in first place with a +6 goal differential.

Last match of September was against Waitakere United 3-1 and kept our lead in the New Zealand Championship.
Paul Urlovic scored his third in three matches, Manuel Exposito and Ricardo Monardez scored their first goals of the season. Vicelich got his second man of the match.