The American Eddies


Jan 23, 2006
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I was just wondering if anyone has signed either of the two American Eddies i.e. Gaven & Johnson? I'm interested in securing at least one of them for my Ajax side, probably Gaven, and would like to know if they're any good.
they are both very good players

eddie gaven you can get for about 1.7m and is a very good right winger that just gets better

eddie johnson is a very good stiker for the money you pay and can play right to the top level
Cheers for that. Can Gaven play upfront too or is it best to keep him on the wing?
better as a winger by a long way although i suppose you could play him up font if you really need to but id stick with him in midfield
Ive signed Gaven but never gave him a regular game.

Eddie J, I used to sign him all the tiem when I first got FM, great player for the money
I signed Gaven when FM06 first came out (ie without any patches) and he was absolutely ****. I got him on a free, played him on the wing and he only ever got above a 6 once. Kept him for 4 seasons but there was no noticable improvement, then sold him to Portsmouth for £1.2m coz no-one else was interested in him.
Dont know what hes like with any of the patches installed though
hes very good on the wing and is young so gets better.

he can play upfront if needs be but a RW all day
Mmmm... thanks for that guys. I might sign both of them, stop them feeling homesick.

Can anyone suggest a cheap, value for money CB?
you can look at pique from united, micheal macciene or whatever hes called. they can turn out really good
van den borre is a good centre back along with kompany but hes a bit pricey there are a few good young spainish defenders but you would have to send out the scouts

another american eddie is eddie lewis for leeds, hes ace for championship sides u shdu get him if you in championship or a low prem eam like sunderland
I would always go for Gaven over Johnson. He's just a better alround player. But Johnson is very fast and if that's your style of play then he is a great option.
iv never signed Johnson but iv got gaven.I would agree with sean
also a good cheap CB would be van den borre. u could also go for Alex from PSV.
just signed Gaven 2.4 mil after he finished 2nd best player in World Cup. Very good. Made an instant impact in my Chelsea team