Jan 25, 2011
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After 4 days of speculation, Sky Sports News can finally confirm that the identity of the unknown manager known only as "The Messiah" is a 24 year old English manager Rowan Bromley. The 24 year old is originally from Skelmersdale located in England but has been living in London for the past 3 years working closely with the background staff of Arsenal F.C and has today put pen to paper on a 3 year contract at Real Madrid to become the new manager of the Spanish giants who had to fight of close rivals Atletico for the managers signature.

"We are delighted that we can officially announce that Rowan Bromley has become the new manager of the club and we are looking forward to the future and the direction that he can take this club to once again make it the biggest club in world football"

We also have a direct quote from the manager himself from the press interview he faced on arrival at the club.

" I would like to begin by thanking both clubs for the hospitality they shown to me and my agent whilst negotiations where ongoing, but my decision has lead me to Real Madrid. It is such a fantastic club and the historics behind the club are amazing and i feel that under my management i can guide this club to great success once again. I also understand that i am a young manager and there maybe people who doubt the decision by the club to hire such a young manager but i can assure everybody that i will give my all to this club and i promised success to the chairman who was very supportive to me and i have no doubts in the success i will bring to this club "
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We can now bring you more of the coverage from the press conference that occurred yesterday with the hiring of the new Real Madrid manager Rowan Bromley,

Reporter -

"You sit here as the new manager of Real Madrid who are such a big club, how sure are you that you can deal with the pressure and decisions that come with this oppertunity? "

Bromley -

"I knew when i took this job that there would be a great deal of pressure that comes along with such a big club but sometimes pressure is a good thing to work with and i am one of those who handles pressure in a positive way. As for making decisions, i am very confident that the decisions i make will be in the best interest for the club"

Reporter -

"Being an English manager and having a great number of Spanish players around you, are you not slightly worried about the communication barrier that may be placed between you and a large coup of your players?"

Bromley -

"Not at all, i am very fluent in the Spannish language as i studied the culture and language for 2 years in University whilst i was working closely with Arsenal F.C as i wanted to have a great knowledge and understanding about the country before i came over here. I have always seen my future in Spain and i am very happy that i have been given this wonderful oppertunity"

New Assistant !! :)

Real Madrid fans may have been hoping to witness a new player arrive at The Santiago Bernabeue this evening and the club have announced the first signing of the new Bromley Era however it is not a player. 45-year old Spanish assistant manager Francisco Ayestaran has become the new assistant manager replacing the previous assistant Aitor Karanka.

The club have also released the freindly fixtures they will be partaking in with the first a trip to portuguese side Boavista. The full schedule can be located below.

Hopefully i can have a positive start to this season by getting a few good results in the first month of my reign as Madrid manager to set me straight for when Liga BBVA resumes with my first competetive game a difficult tie against Valencia :)
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