The Best Cheats yet(you might know it)

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Dec 29, 2010
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You might know this cheat okay .THIS IS A 2 PARTER.

1 Say u want to get rid off all ure players well heres the solution.
2.go to every players profile and and and go to set status.
3 Put him to not needed by the club and transfer listed and set asking price to 5 million.
4 got to be 5 million or this cheat would not work.
5.after putting them all up for sale add a new manager to man city.
6.go to man cities board and put the transfer budget up to as high as it will go.
7 as man city buy all the players off ure acctual team.
8.Gives the players contracts dont care how much u offer them.
9when they all leave u to go to man city just ritire as manager off man city
10.Go to the teams board room (that ure managing) and set the transfer budget to as low as it will go now u will have a bigger wage budget.

1.Now that u have a big wage budget and transfer u will look at some players and say u offer for Bojan for Barcalona ,barca accept the offer but he doestn't want t talk the talk with u.
2.I always get angry at something like that so i add a new manager to the team i just offered money for bojan .
3.go to bojans profile as the barca manager and go to set status set to not needed by the club and transfer listed.DO NOT SET ASKING PRICE.
4.Go back to the acctual team ure managing and offer for him again theres an 80% chance that he'll talk to you .
5.Bojan was just an example can do it to any body but part 1 u have to do

OMG I have never heard of these before. The best cheats ever!!! Thabks u sooooooooooo much.

Also it doesn't have to be 5m, it can be any price. In fact when you are Man City you can buy them for any price without them being listed.
What's the point? - that you have Messi,Cristiano,Casillas,Fabregas in team like Blackpool..It's not fun to me
No i was trying to tell you that u can get wonderkids for nout.
There's a better cheat :p
Go to FMRTE and click "destroy team" in every club.
Genius. Just genius. Can't believe nobody ever thought of this.
It's pathetic.

I hope one day you realize the point of this game. And if you really want to cheat that much use FMRTE.

Although it's a bit weird that the site description is: "FM-Base - Football Manager 2011 Tactics, Wonderkids, Updates & Cheats" considering how anti-cheating most people here are.
this is it ??? i was hoping for more, lol. if u want to cheat just use fmrte :p
it doesnt take a genius to figure this out. you can do what you want as it's your game after all, but i doubt many people are keen to do this as well.

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