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May 3, 2013
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Everyone has their wishlist for the game, so here's mine (apologies if this has been brought up, I searched around for this and couldn't find it): my favorite part of the online game was that your ability as a manager was limited at the beginning. You picked a specialty (coaching, scouting, financial, etc...) and then as you played you could specialize in different categories to build your attributes.
I would love to see this sort of gameplay worked into the regular FM. It would mean that building a career and building a team might take longer and it would mean that you would have to particularly specialize in how you want to build your team.
Right now, there are badges that you get as you play, but these don't amount to much. What if by winning a promotion or by achieving something minor, you increased your ability to scout players/coach attacking?
It's on my wish list, thought I'd share it.