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Nov 28, 2008
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First of all to begin with I wasn't sure where to put this thread so if need be I can move it to the appropriate if it's in the wrong place.

Anyway I have seen many threads for best manager, Best player, Best Defensive Partnerships etc. And I am talking about real life here not football manager.

I was wondering about peoples views from all leagues and countrys. Due to the fact there isn't much loyalty in football.

In your opinion who has the best Manager & Assistant Manager partnership out there in the world today ?

The thought came to me whilst watching Damned United (again) Due to the fact that I completely adore Brian Clough and was thinking although there was some strains and problems etc, Brian Clough and Peter Taylor were an absolutely outstanding partnership back in the day and managed to do amazing things. I can't really think myself of great partnerships that have lasted a good while and have been able to just click and get things right ?

I would like it if people read the full thread before posting, as we always manage to get stupid posts, Also remember it's everyones own opinion so don't go slagging each others views etc, As we all are entitled to our own opinons. Hopefully there's a good response for this as it would be interesting to see what people come up with, Try give reasons as to why you have chosen your partnership also.
loved the mourinho/clarke partnership but of course that's no longer alive.. ha
umm, you'd have to say harry redknapp and joey jordan, stuck together through thick and thin, from portsmouth at the bottom to tottenham in the champions league.
Thought Rafa an Pako had a great partnership. My minds blank at the moment, I'll try come up with a better answer. Good thread by the way, should be interesting.
Sir Alex Fergueson/Carlos Quirez

Sir Bobby Robson/Jose Mourinho
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damned united is great but wenger and rice work well, PAT rice not the food
One I'm thinking that has worked rather well is Big Eck Alex Mcleish and Andy Watson, Also both stuck together. Like the Harry Redknapp and Joe Jordan one that's a good one.