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The best tactically?


Andre Villas Boas <3
Feb 24, 2009
Morning all

Thought I'd try something a bit different. Who would you rank as the best tacticians in the modern game? Not best manager overall, best managers tactically is what I'm after. Here are my top 3, listed in no particular order:

Mourinho - for my money the best at using substitutions to change games. His teams are set out brilliantly from the start. For me, Inter's games against Chelsea and Barca last season just showed Mourinho at his very best. Think he learns from his mistakes as well, would be interesting to see how he would cope against a Benitez team now.

Benitez -say what you will about his record in the transfer window or his man management but tactically is where Rafa really shines as a manager. He was the one who kept frustrating Mourinho in the Champions League, who orchestrated Ferguson's worst home defeat. Critics claim this was more down to the efforts of the players, but then whose tactics freed up these players? Case in point, the 2005 CL final, Rafa's substitutions free up Gerrard who inspires that famous second half comeback.

Ferguson - Can't criticise his record. Don't think he's quite the tactical mastermind that Jose and Rafa are but he'll get his tactics spot on more often than not. It isn't often you see United lose deservedly.

Am hoping for a nice, light-hearted debate with some decent opinions on here for once.

Any thoughts?


Jul 23, 2010
Mourinho. You say he learns from his mistakes, which he does and will make the next few Clasico's extremely interesting given the last one.


Feb 6, 2009
Mourinho > than everyone else (coming from a Utd supporter)

Mourinho had not lost at home (save for last weekend) in over 9 years at 3 or 4 different clubs, thats impressive, winning the ECL with two different teams, the treble with Inter and most probably this year with Real Madrid (the ECL)...
His substitution vs Lyon when he brought on Benzema who scored the winner... brilliant to say the least...

Ferguson has got his tactics wrong on more than 1 occasion, West Ham - Carling Cup this year, West Ham last weekend for the whole 1st half, after the changes we played better... Champions League final vs Barcelona, games this year against Fulham, Everton etc all 2 or 3 goals up but end up drawing...

Neil Hart > Benitez

there should be alot more coaches added to that, but out of the 3 you have chosen, Mourinho is the best (and will be the best Manager in history when he retires)