The Brasil/Epic Killer Combo


Dec 5, 2009
Hi everyone,

This forum might not be so active anymore, since the game will soon have advanced two editions, but I thought this would still be worth posting, for those who still play the game or love to fiddle around with tactics.

Upon reading this comment in the "Brasil"-thread:

EPIC = AWAY or against stronger teams at home
I decided to give this a try.

First some information: I am playing 14.3.1, (match engine 1454) and this is how I tested the Brasil Home - Epic Away combo (and how I usually play the game anyway, due to restricted free time to waste on a silly computer game):

- FM Classic
- One League
- Brasil tactic for home games
- Epic tactic for away games (including cup finals)
- Quick pick selection by assistant
- Instant result, no match plan
- Not answering questions from journalists, no press conferences, no team meetings, no voting in awards
- Training handled by assistant
- Nomal squad bonuses
- Not setting higher season goals

This allows to breeze through a season in an hour or two.

Did 3 tests: one with a top team (PSV), one with a mid-table team (KV Mechelen) and one with a relegation team (Verona)

TEST 1 - PSV (Dutch First Division)

Media Prediction: 4th
Result: 1st
Won the EURO Cup as well, beating Chelsea :) :) :)

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TEST 2 - KV MECHELEN (Belgian First Division)

Media Prediction: 8th
Result: 1st

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TEST 3 - VERONA (Italian First Division)

Media Prediction: 19th
Result: 3rd

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It is safe to say that this combo makes your team perform heavily above expectations, and that by doing absolutely nothing else but switching between two tactics. The Brasil tactic is a bit leaky in the back, but produces as lot of goals and guarantees spectacular matches while Epic is the solid solution that concedes few goals but picks up draws here and there.

Out of all the tactics I've tried here (meaning nearly all of them), and given the way I play the game, nothing gave me the results like I have with this combination. I am under the impression that if you keep using the same tactic without ever changing the AI figures it out quite fast and diminishing results are inevitable.
Switching it up like this seems to keep the opponent guessing forever. As a manager, I was constantly hailed as a "tactical genius" and my "tactical tinkering" kept the opponents guessing. The free flowing, attractive style of play, along with lots of goals and the high average player ratings makes this tactical concept the best I have ever experienced so far!

Let's see if this keeps going smoothly past seaon one...



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