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Dec 23, 2018
37 / The Brazilian Bang

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Mas Que Nada! Yes, what some would call the Brazilian Box or the Magic Rectangle, I call The Brazilian Bang.

Patient probing football, relying on individual moments of flair and brilliance from the attacking midfielders and wing-backs is what defines this, and having a deadly centre-forward to put the ball into the back of the net.

So bring in Ronaldino, Kaka my two Trequartistas, Cafu and Roberto Carlos my two wing-backs , with Ronaldo at the forefront as the Advanced Forward.

However in my particular version, I’ve tried to implement the addition of an Andrea Pirlo in the middle as a classic Regista to add a touch of elegance to our play.

Here’s a classic XI to give you an idea of the players you’ll need to work this system…

GK - Dida
BPD - Cannavaro
CB - Maldini
WB - Cafu
WB – Roberto Carlos
DM - Makalele
RG - Pirlo
TQ - Ronaldinho
TQ - Kaka
DLF – Roberto Baggio
AF - Luiz Ronaldo

How it Works

I would say the Brazilians liked to bring their two AM playmakers into the game as much as possible. So playing out of the defence and playing through the middle is my approach play. Having a roaming Regista in the DM strata will help with finding space to receive and feed the ball to one of the Trequartistas all whilst keeping the play fluid.

At which point both our attacking wing-backs will look at every opportunity to bomb on and provide an option for either one of our playmakers to find, or to create room to attack the half-spaces themselves between the opponents centre-back and full-backs.

By playing a very high line and a possession based game promoted, I’ve gone with an AF to try and instigate an early counter-press hoping the rest of the team will follow.

Our DMC will also be key as with such a number of players with attacking flair and our WBs bombing on forward, he will be tasked to keep things solid with our centre-backs, and play simple balls to our more creative players. Makalele would be the type of player here required.

Training / Set Pieces / OIs

Training – “Possession” FM Touch

Set Pieces – Trequartista Set to Take


WBR/RB – Show onto left foot
WBL/LB – Show onto right foot
AML/LW – Show onto left foot
AMR/RW – Show onto right foot

This should help to force the opponents to play through the middle where we have players positioned to try and win the ball in the high press, along with remaining compact when defending our own third with predictable crosses coming into our box for our centre-backs to handle.


I’m surprised how well it worked in the Premiership. De Jong was my Regista and he really excels in the role. Dybala at Trequartista and our set-piece taker also had a very good season.

More surprising was how solid we were defensively. Given it is a wingless system with our wing-backs bombing on we conceded very few goals only letting in twelve.

On the offensive front it’s not the heaviest goal-scoring, but with a positive mentality with possession more the priority this would explain the good defence and modest number of goals scored.

Hitting the 100 points mark in this League was pretty good going and a CL triumph against Barcelona indicates if you do have the quality personnel, the Brazilian system can work well.


Not a formation to try if you don’t have top players, but if you have a top Regista and wing-backs that can defend relatively well along with a goal-scorer and a top Trequartista, then this classic formation will bring about some great football for viewing, watching your players knock the ball around the pitch like true Brazilians back in the day did and bring in good results in the process.

Hope you enjoy my Brazilian Bang for 2019!

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Mar 2, 2018
Looking nice, it's strange that no one has posted how the tactic is going in their saves. I might give a try, but don't have the players for this formation.

What is your average % of possession?


Dec 23, 2018
Looking nice, it's strange that no one has posted how the tactic is going in their saves. I might give a try, but don't have the players for this formation.

What is your average % of possession?
I think it plays nice when in possession. I play on FM Touch so I don't have average stats unfortunately. But it's not as high as it should be compared to when it was used back in the day...probably as teams press very much in the modern day.

It does take very skilled and particular players, but let me know how you get on. I'd like to know an average possession stat if you do give it a try.