The British Arsenal Story for The British and Irish Challenge!

Dec 13, 2010
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stopped my celtic one The British Arsenal Story
by Jonny Maxwell

What Is It?

The British and Irish Challenge is a challenge where you go any team in the Premier League and make them good using only British and Irish Players.I wanted a challenge so I went Arsenal.I know that i will probably live to regret it but its a challenge.

Update 1(December 26th)

Well my first job was to put all the non British players to the Reserves and the good British and Irish players into the First team.Most of the players werent bothered about being demoted.They were mostly the ones who were happy to sit back and get 20,30 thousand pound a week. ie-Eboue,Squillechi,Koscielny,Rosisky.But the better players like Fabragas,Arshavin,RVP,Nasri,Chamackh and Vermaelan were unhappy.Next morning at training they were very unhappy so i had a chat with them.Chamackh,Fabragas,Nasri and Vermaelan said "They were going to be professional" and agreed to go down to the reserves and prove a point.But Arshavin and RVP were outraged at the dissicion and asked to be Transfer Listed.Next day RVP came back to me and said that he was going to proof a point.

This is my team now before the transfers

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Chris Maguire
Paul Hartley
Leigh Griffiths

More will be coming

Arshavin to(Aston Villa,Real,FC Bayern,Athletico Madrid)


Arsenal 0-4 Reserves

Now it may look like a shock but we were the reserves and they were Arsenal.Complicated but right.Because of our lack of depth in the squad I had to play a 2-2-4-2 formation.
We played very well but it was our fitness that let us down.In the first half RVP came out like a raging bull and went after Kieron Gibbs and Theo Walcott,injuring both them.Gibbs with a bruise and Walcott witha broken ankle,James Shea was the stabd out performer makimg excellant saves in the first and second halfs.At half time it was 0-0 and i was delighted but i knew that second half it was going to be much harder because i was with 9 men. and no subs.Goals from Vela(2),A fabragas rocket and an Emmanuel-Thomas OG gave the Reserves victory

I'll keep updating regurlary please post thankz
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looks a good challenge especially with arsenals lack of english players
If thats the team and signings you made we are going down :'(
I like this. Currently doing the same with Bolton. But why wouldn't you play a 4-1-2-1-2 with the players you had for pre=season with Eastmond and Gibbs at the FB and Wilshire at AMC?
I like this. Currently doing the same with Bolton. But why wouldn't you play a 4-1-2-1-2 with the players you had for pre=season with Eastmond and Gibbs at the FB and Wilshire at AMC?
they were injured.

Update 2(December 27th)

Well for this update i will just post screenshots and videos of matches(hope fully)​

My first one is the transfers i bought
NOTE-I also bought Conner Wickham(Ipswich)
Lee Hodgeson(Watford)
Andrew Matthews(Cardiff)​

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Pres Season

My Pre-season went well.I lost one game to Arsenal and drew 2.One against Triestina and the other v Colorado(2-2)

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gd you are participating in my challenge .

on transfers i reckon you could have got a bit more than 5 million for Arshavin
gd you are participating in my challenge .

on transfers i reckon you could have got a bit more than 5 million for Arshavin
i thought i could of well
see celtic bid 5million for him and i rejected then he took a rage
so athletico bid 5mil and i let him go
yer a screenshot would be good
OK Doky

Update 3(December 30th)

So finally I uploaded my matches onto youtube and i will show them to you

Arsenal 2-1 Wolves
[ame=""]YouTube - Arsenal 2 - 1 Wolves - Match Highlights[/ame]

So good start to the season there
Here is my next match v Stoke
[ame=""]YouTube - Stoke 0 - 2 Arsenal - Match Highlights[/ame]

I was quite proud with that.Now we have a tough trip to the Reebok to face Bolton.It was tight but we got a win. :D
[ame=""]YouTube - Arsenal 1 - 0 Bolton - Match Highlights[/ame]

Thought id just inform you of the news that has happened.
As you probably expected,my reserves are powning the Reserve League and cup.They beat Chelsea 6-1 and poor old Cheltenham 12-0.
Van Persie,Chamakh and Nasri have all agreed transfers in the January Transfer Window so hope fully I can get some money there.If i get enough.I will try to buy an expierienced upfronter and a CB.I feel that up front we are young and Leigh Griffiths hasn't scored since pre-season.Fabragas has said he is happy to stay which i am happy about because if i sell him the fans will be SO unhappy.Transfer wise Robbie Keane and David Goodwillie are top for strikers and Scott Dann is top of my CB list.
Cup and League Info and Fixtures
In the Champions League I have been drawn against Spartak Moscow,Valencia and Dynamo Kyiv.It may look easy but Spartak and Kyiv will put up a fight,especially in Their Homelands.I have Ipswich in the League Cup.So I can play a few of my back-up players to keep them ready for first-team football.In the League I have Birmingham coming up and it will be hard.Their up front is great after them signing Roque Santa Cruz.Its a massive up font.So my defenders will have to be at their best.We also have Blackpool,Fulham and Sunderland followed by the Big one v Man Utd.

I will end on the best players from the first couple of games
  • Robbie Savage-He drove the team forward and is keeping the young ones going when its tough
  • Chris Maguire-Been great upfront with Griffiths.scored a couple and is really coming on.
  • Kieron Gibbs-Boy he is class!Been lethal on the left wing.Skinning defenders all day long.
  • Seamus Coleman-Been good up the right hand side.His crosses have been brilliant and pinpoint.
  • Paul Hartley-His pens have been class and with Savage he has drove the team forward.
Thats it for today i'll post back once ive finished my games
cheerz Jonny.
and a Happy New Year to all at FM-Base
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I thought of doing the same but playing foreigners until they are sold or their contract runs out otherwise I thought I would get sacked...
I was gonna do it with Man City as they at least half a team already and the resources to make it work.
And I dont want too much of a challenge lol.
Are you still playing this?