Jul 28, 2010
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Looking to start a game with no more than 6 users in the English premiership.

Teams: United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Pool

Would prefer if people took the top teams so they will stay interested. We can all bring a small team to the top so lets just start at the top, as in my experience people quit when they have small teams in network games.

This game will only be played on a friday or saturday night once a week ONLY. It will one intense session from about 6 or 7 till about 3am gmt. Starts tonight at 7pm 21/10/2011.

I would prefer to host as I will force a good speed but if someone has a faster bband and is a forcefull host then that would be better.


1) Match speed = 2 notches below full - full
2) No replays
3) No general slow play. (Just not acceptable when others are playing in a net game)
4) No changing teams, paoching fellew user's staff or players. Can only buy fellow managers players with both managers consent.
5) Plenty of banter, no racial abuse and NO CHEATING

This is a carreer game. hopefully others will jjust play this save and not their but obviouslly thats your own choice. If I get a few players to start tonight then GAME ON. Would like to start tonight while the game is fresh so there is no advantages to anyone. PLease pm me or reply here if interetsd. Hamachi address will be posted later

Hope to ye join, cheers

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Hamachi Address = Career1
Password = 1234

Will hopefully start in about 3-4 hours from now.
Will be an initial 1-2 hours to sort team out, scout new players and set up training plus browse new features of the game.
Any room still remaining in the game? Interested in taking on Man City or Arsenal (in that order).
Ya m8. I have 3 or 4 now. After you there is still room for 2 more. Dont want to exceed 6. Just join Hamachi address Career1 and password 1234. We can chat in there and decide the best host. I think I heard someone say you could play net games through hamachi so if so then maybe we'll try that.

The first 6 in get to play so feel free to join then i will close hamachi. If someone quits I will then reopen to allow one more.

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United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal gone. Only Looserpool and spurs left. Game has just started. Will be 1 hour preperation so get in if ye wanna play. 2 more and we are done
So, what teams you got left now mate? I can only do a Saturday night though because I work shift work. But I would be interested.
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Hey, I've joined the Hamachi. Is there still a place?

If possible I'd like to take spurs.

I'm trying to start a chat over hamachi but it isn't letting me.
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yes but having trouble connecting. try joinm the hamachi addresss
Spurs are taken M8 but could fix you with another team. This is not a very intense game tho. Just 1-2 a week max. Join the hamachi address and will see what we can do. No more room after you tho

Cheers all
Hey. Just tried to connect to Hamachi with no luck....seems the university internet(supplied by studentcom) have blocked certain ports and such...so cant get it to work.

Any ideas guys?