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The Challenge of a lifetime-ish//Wolves


Jun 23, 2020
So, it's been a **** of a long time since I've posted on here, and whilst in lockdown I've had a lot of time on my hands, and a **** of a lot of FM. So I was inspired by Youtuber Dr.Benjy's GloryHunter challenge (which I'd highly recommend you'd check out!), so I thought I'd give my own a go, so thanks for the idea and time fill! I enjoy the higher levels of the game rather than lower level management - Judge as you will! - And with my lack of PC/Youtubing skills, I thought I'd bring it to the forefront here!

So, what happens here? Well, we've got 20 years to win the league titles and main cup competitions in Europe's 'elite', Germany, Spain, England, Italy and France; as well as gaining success with the Europa and Champions League and then trying to move onto international success by winning a World Cup and the Euros in that time as well.

So teams? Well, there's no real limit in where I am and what I'll do, but I need to be competitive in competitions at all times, but it also relies on what jobs are available at certain times which might make things more challenging, as well as the demanding board expectations. So it's all well and good going for the best teams, but the best teams are likely going to keep hold of managers, or jobs won't be available at the same time as me looking to move on, so that's a challenge in itself. https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/

Here we are then (subject to approval) on my story. As you can see per the title, Wolves probably gives it away, but you're not joining me at the start of my journey, in fact, you're joining me in October 2020. Why wolves? Well, this is how we got there on my short journey so far. As per my inspiration for my own personal challenge, the struggles on the stream I watched inspired me to start in Germany, and there I decided to start with Leipzig. A team that has an incredible talent in Timo Werner, and for someone who doesn't watch a lot of football abroad, a lot of names I didn't really recognise. For now, a long story short. I was successful with Leipzig, which whilst they're in the their own right challengers, I still classed them definitely behind Dortmund and Bayern, however with the attraction of Champions League football, I thought it was a good way to get a good feel of me as a manager, and where a unfamiliar team was at and where I needed to improve. As I said, I was successful, and I ended up with the League and Cup double immediately.

So then the question was, do I look to build on what I've achieved thus far with Leipzig and make a real crack at the Champions league with them, or do I find myself a new challenge? I decided to hold on to the job however I was applying for others, Sevilla and Valencia were the most tasteful available until I was unsuccessful at Sevilla, and the successful candidate opened up at my current home... Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Following from this opening post, I will do a season 1 review of Leipzig, highlights, graphics, screenies to make it less wordy and get everybody caught up on my journey, then we'll assess why my thinking was behind taking the Wolves position immediately after my thinking here on out and get on the same pathway so we can take this incredible and (hopefully) highly successful career together!

I'm off to bed to try and sleep this god awful toothache away!

Hope everyone enjoys!