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The Champions League Challenge| A Story by GandalfTheGrey

Feb 13, 2013
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Hello guys! New to fm base, but been a long time follower of the site. I happened across this Champions League Challenge by Klippybo and stonecold. It seemed the perfect challenge, as it isn't too hard, but it is doable, unlike the Pentagon Challenge, which I found is virtually impossible.Maybe that's me being moany, but anyway, I'm getting off topic. These are the rules:
The aims of this challenge is to win the Champions League with all 22 previous winners of the trophy. Once you win it with a club you can leave and join another previous winner, doesn't have to be the 1st team that's available but leaving is important so you can add to teams to your list. The teams that have won it and the amount of times are:
Barcelona - 4
Real Madrid - 9
Bayern Munich - 4
Man Utd - 3
Chelsea - 1
Juventus - 2
AC Milan - 7
Inter Milan 3
Dortmund - 1
Porto - 2
Liverpool - 5
Hamburg - 1
Benfica - 2
Ajax - 4
Marseille - 1
Celtic - 1
Feynoord - 1
Aston Villa - 1
Red Star Belgrade - 1
Steaua Bucharest - 1
Nottingham Forest - 2

'What time will you start with Gandalf?' I hear you ask. Well for me there was only one. A team draped in glory, a team that makes teams shiver when they hear the name being drawn. That team is:
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My reasons:
1. The Madrid and Barca jobs are really hard to get as those dominate the league, so it is best to start with them.
2. I've never managed them on FM before
3. Carrots and stuff.

Wish me luck.