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The City Of Chelmsford - The Journey Starts Here


Feb 15, 2011
Breaking news -
6th July 2014 -
Mark Hawkes resigns as Chelmsford manager, rookie manager Ben Hance will take over with immediate effect

The club have released a statement after Mark Hawkes has resigned as manager, and Ben Hance has taken over with immediate effect. The club have cut down on wages too employ the boyhood fan as the club's new manager.

We are looking too use a lot of this squad and not add too many signings as in the first season our objective is too build for the future, we are predicted too finish 17th and therefore my main target is too survive. I want too maintain youngsters such as Joe Ward, Sam Gregory and Hugo Skepelhorn. These three players will be pivotal in my future at the semi-professional club. I am very excited too get the season underway and start winning games and getting us up the divisions.

The next update will be at the end of July, when we will analyse pre-season results and all transfer business done so far by the club. We will also discuss my strongest team and tactics.