The Clough reincarnation - one generation to another.


Nov 26, 2012
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The famous man himself. Brian Clough.

As you all probably know my grandfather, the famous Brian Clough who had a brilliant management career and will be remembered for his brilliance as a manager and the rise of teams. His most famous clubs which he was in the limelight for will always be Derby County, Leeds United and Notts Forest for obvious reasons.

I spent many of years listening to the man after he had retired and my dad, Nigel who you probably know is in charge of Derby County about Football. It was the only subject spoken in our household, I bet my mother was driven sick. I remember nights of my grandfather telling me about being in the slumps of lower divisions with Derby and him and his partner Peter Taylor scouting unfound gems which they made into the best players to play in England to this date. I also used to sit and watch my grandfather still studying his tactics restlessly coming towards the end of his management career. I was always interested to see what he wrote down and how he would line his players up against the opponents and how to play against them.

One day I said to him:
'Grandad, how come you have this player to make sure his opposition doesn't walk again?' He replied to me: 'Fear conquers many players ability my lad, you don't have to be the best in the world, but players who will break their balls for the team will win titles.'His words was wise, I was like a pupil and he was the teacher. Now I only see what most of the things he said to me meant. I don't want to use my grandfathers legacy to propel me into a job as I want to get to the top of the podium myself. I had studied long and hard about players mental states aswell, picking up a degree in Psychology and I had worked restlessly to pick up all my coaching badges. I had spells at non-league and semi-professional teams to try and make myself successful and I succeeded massively and was tipped in papers for big things. Only time would tell but I wish I can replicate my grandfathers legacy.

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Grimsby Town F.C

I decided to begin my career at Grimsby Town, the club have a rich history which I remember them playing in the old division 1 which is now the nPower Championship and a chairman who is keen on getting back in the league and has given me a wage budget to support it. Below are some interesting facts about Grimsby.

Capacity: 9,546
Founded: 1878
Nickname: The Mariners
Clubs Fierce Rivals: Lincoln, Scunthorpe
Media Prediction: 3rd

Grimsby are a club which are a big fish in a small pond in this division along with sides such as Wrexham and Luton. There is only one automatic promotion place which makes this league a **** of a lot harder to get out of. I announced my intentions to the Chairman that I feel I have enough pedigree to go up as Champions but we will need a clear out of some players. I saw some after the first day of training to think they are big premier league stars.

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Hopefully she will be the teams Physio, I expect alot of pre-season groin injuries.


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Grimsby 0 - 4 Huddersfield

Grimsby 1 - 2 West Ham Bignall

Grimsby 3 - 3
Pearson (2), Bignall

Kings Lynn 1 - 3 Grimsby
Pericard (2), Bignall

Overall not the best pre-season but it's pre-season for a reason. I have tinkered with a few things while pre-season went on. The assistant took control of all the friendlies despite the results I was fairly pleased.



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Some of the best transfers I managed to capture during this window. We will begin with a game against Southport.

Love everything about Brian Clough!! Read his books and being from Middlesbrough myself, like him, I will definatley follow!!
As above, Brian Clough is a hero of mine and I have a soft spot for Nottingham Forest because of him, Read the Damned United & Watched it, Just find this mans managerial skills and ways outstanding. Jose Mourinho reminds me of him a little. I will follow.